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What do I need to do to have long and healthy hair?

Asked by DT (9points) December 8th, 2015

My one biggest dream is to have a long, shiny and good-looking hair. Now I’m working on length – have no haircuts + sleeping 7–8 hours a day and eating healthy food.

Any other suggestions which help me to reach my beauty dream?

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You should still have your hair trimmed every couple of months to trim off split ends. The split ends make your hair look unhealthy. Just a half of an inch should keep it looking nice. Also, check out vitamins for your hair.

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Protein in your diet is helpful. Also, good care of your scalp. Never apply conditioner to your scalp, and when you work it into your hair, keep from working it toward your scalp. Conditioner should remain on your hair for a minute, though not more, in order to help. Combination shampoo and conditioner it a mistake. Why not also apply wax to your car while you are soaping it?
Massage your scalp, because good circulation is important. Comb your hair, as brushes rip. Coax out snarls, don’t shred.
Combing out snarls when it is wet pulls out more hair.
Your scalp naturally produces oil to keep your hair healthy. Over washing strips that oil. Combing helps to dist5ribute the oils to your hair’s length.
Keep it tied back or covered when you will be out in the wind. Wind is very damaging.
Drug use is disaster for hair. I’m not judging; I’m just saying.

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Biotin is naturally found in the body and is good for hair and nals. If you want healthy hair get a biotin supplement.

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