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How are you nurturing yourself these days?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32703points) December 8th, 2015

There is a lot of negativity in our world. Many people are in real pain from devastating losses. Some people in the US let fear dictate their actions instead of careful thought about issues and reality.

I limit the amount of news I take in since I can’t really do anything about the stories I read. I remain grounded through meditation and exercise. I need medicine daily for bipolar disorder, and I never skip a dose. I make sure I eat food that is good for me, and I get ample sleep. The result of all this self-care is that I feel very good actually.

What do you do to take care of yourself in these difficult times?

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Volunteering – - – last week I did two nights as Santa for a non-profit.

Cut back on junk food and get a good night sleep.

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@Tropical_Willie Volunteering is super! and sleep is underrated.

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Also started working as a volunteer for a significant archaeological project in my state. They are working on permits (it’s on federal land) and putting together a multi-talented group.

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@Tropical_Willie Gettin’ down and dirty, eh? Sounds fun.

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Eating mashed potatoes and gravy.

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Woke up this morning… A few hours of computer work that I can do 5 feet from my bed. And no real hurry on that.

Had some tea Allie sent me from Dubai. Orange Blossom Oolong for those interested. Also had some toast with blackberry jam.

Fucket around for a bit. Worked and got paid..

Then shit got normal.. My sister texted and needed 1500 for something. Fixing her car and Christmas presents for the twins and rent. So she took me to the bank and grocery shopping. Sigh.. The people in my family are so very bad with money. They mock me for spreadsheeting a twix.. I never ask for money…

But now I have taquitos and garlic bread and don’t give a fuuuuck.

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@johnpowell I like the sound of your day. Where did you get the blackberry jam? Is it local?

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Sister makes it.. She is a jam machine. Blackberries are a delicious weed around here. We have huge bags of berries in the freezer. She also grows strawberries on her porch. But those go really fast into strawberry shortcake.

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What time is dinner? Let me wash my hands. I’ll be right there.

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Uh one word VODKA, well that and other wonder drinks.

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adult toys.

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Creative hobbies and a lot of cuddles from my SO. I don’t have too many pains I need to nurture these days, and I’m very grateful for that :)

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I’ve been doing the basics. Normally I’m prone to depression and fatigue during the holiday season because I work so many hours. This year I’m eating healthy, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and not drinking. That’s taking care of the worst of it but I still don’t feel completely normal. I would love to, like, take a bubble bath. Me and my oldest friend were talking about how we’ve always lived at places that have shower stalls and she was like, “what the hell is this, the YMCA locker room?”

Oh! I’ve been cooking a lot and started a new book. :)

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@Mariah Isn’t it nice to feel good? :)
@Haleth I understand completely. I don’t cook much, but I may try baking something while my daughter visits just before Christmas.

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Taking yoga. I love the way it makes me feel.

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Last week I was feeling quite overwhelmed by the mass murders and really felt the need to go to the Unitarian service on Sunday at my meeting house. It’s so funny to me because I never had a religious impulse in my life but with that community and that minister, I feel welcomed, nurtured and comforted.

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I don’t think have been taking care of myself well lately. The exam is in process and there is a lot of stress. I’ve found myself spending all day doing nothing but looking at the textbooks and wondering what will be in the tests. I can’t think of anything but the exam. Maybe the only thing I’m doing for my body is sleeping earlier.

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This isn’t to argue the nature of reality, but only to explain a POV, which is that life is but a dream and no one is really suffering without their consent. In fact, there is no self to suffer even, just the idea of self. And no bad things happening because everything is just an unfolding of consciousness. It’s like facing monsters in a dream and saying, “You’re not real.”

That kind of describes my state most of the time. I keep my attention on my “higher self,” and that “nurturing” takes care of everything else.

and yes, @johnpowell, it’s some good shit lol

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Sounds similar to Buddhism, @kevbo.

I am…not. I’ve been in a bad way physically for over a month, and have about a month to go before my appointment with a specialist who might offer some relief. I’m not sleeping well or enough, I’m not eating enough or well, and I think I’ve left my house (briefly!) maybe 2 times in three weeks. It’s been all I can do just to work.

Since I’ve been in survival mode, which is very self-focused, horrible events in the world aren’t having as big a negative impact on me as they usually would. Maybe that is a bit of a silver lining?

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@augustlan Hope you can get some relief soon!

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Ice cream and chocolate, but not necessarily in that order.

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@CWOTUS I would think alternating layers would work well.

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@janbb Keep the places that nurture nearby, and go there frequently.
@Mimishu1995 I like deep breathing exercises and meditation.
@kevbo I fully understand what you are talking about. I lived in Japan for many years and read a lot of Eastern teachings. It’s little comfort at times, though.
@augustlan I hope you get well soon.
@CWOTUS I like that method. I’ll try it today.
@dammitjanetfromvegas Me too. Work gets in the way.

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@Hawaii_Jake & @augustlan, this practice or way of seeing falls under a Hindu branch called Advaita Vedanta. @Hawaii_Jake, I agree with you (if I am assuming correctly) about the empty, almost nihilist feeling that a lot of Buddhist and Taoist practices give, but this is gives me a very different feeling and creates a sense of calm and security that I probably hadn’t ever known before. I would characterize the mediation involved as functional in a way that I never got from trying those other practices.

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@kevbo Thank you for the clarification. I have meditated for 30 years and know its benefits. I, too, am quite calm after all these years of regular meditation. I don’t worry about a lot of stuff that greatly upsets many people I know. I will look up this branch of Hindu and read about it. It sounds interesting.

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I tell myself frequently, “It’s only the internet.”

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That’s a good thing to say, but we must also remember the events are real and words have power. I, too, was greatly disturbed by recent violence. For my part, I spoke directly to my children, and I made sure they knew my thoughts. I further tell others of my thoughts when I think it’s appropriate. My greatest act will be when I vote. I will choose carefully. I also write to my elected officials. It’s surprising how much good that actually does.

I will speak up when it matters, and I will participate in my own government.

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Yes – I’m not meaning events or hate speech but more like stupid things on Fluther, etc.

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OK. Got it. And I agree.

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I eat nutritious foods.
I take deep breaths.
I try to be in the moment.
I try to enjoy the moment.
I aim for 8 hours of sleep a night.
I stay hydrated.
I have started diffusing essential oils.
I really got into swimming over the summer, but have slacked off quite a bit. I would like to get back into swimming 2–3 times a week for an hour.
If I don’t swim, I should go to the YMCA and sit in the sauna or hot tub anyway.
I go to a devotional gathering most weeks. It is social, spiritual and meditative.
I take baths with as-hot-as-I-can-stand-it water and Epsom salt.
I have re-written many of the tapes in my head. I speak pretty positively to myself.
I take magnesium every day, sometimes twice a day. It is calming.
I talk about things that bother me.
I appreciate things that don’t bother me, and sometimes talk about them.
I don’t answer my phone if I don’t want to talk.

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@Cupcake All that sounds excellent. You sound like you’re in a very good space, and you are working diligently to stay there.

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@Hawaii_Jake So true. I was diagnosed with bipolar many years ago (probably an improper diagnosis, but gives you an indication of my mental health status at the time) and have been healthy and medication-free for years. I do have PTSD, but it doesn’t cause me nearly as much agony and distress as in the past.

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I am under a lot of stress these days and daily exercise I feel is just not enough. So I have embarked on a diet of largely smoothies and in just over a week I have lost enough weight to finally break the 200 lb. barrier! I feel great as a result too! The smoothie process is fairly involved with the selection of ingredients and takes a mindful approach to pick and choose what I want to nourish my body with and consuming smoothies takes a tremendous amount of stress off my digestive system.

I also struggle this time of year to not let things I see and her get me jaded to the spirit of the holiday season. So I nourish my mind and spirit by giving to those that are truly needy.

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@Cruiser Now you’ve done it. I must have a smoothie. Thank you.

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@Hawaii_Jake I will toast a celery, spinach, kale, carrot, whey protein and coconut milk smoothie to that!

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@Cruiser I’m planning on something with mango. I am a fruit, after all.

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