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Is it normal for an adult to have a crush on a fictional character?

Asked by travelbabe24 (262points) December 9th, 2015 from iPhone

My older sister and I are both kind of obsessed with a fictional character…. Embarrassing I know. He’s from a tv show (not animated) and we just love his personality, and the writers made it so he’s not a perfect Prince Charming, which makes him seem more real and doesn’t help at all.

She’s 22 and I’m 20. We are both in college. Usually at night we will sit together and watch two episodes, but the rest of the day is spent studying, exercising, etc. She will sometimes write fanfiction. But he doesn’t get in the way of our lives and we can tell that he isn’t real. (Which sucks!)

Anyways, is this normal? Is there something wrong with us?

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It’s completely normal. It means the writers have done a good job creating a character that you can attach to. Also, the director and the actor did good jobs making the writing come to life.

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Yes it’s normal, especially if you have no romance in your life. The more romantic you are the more likely this would be to occur.

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I kind of wish I could say that it’s not normal. But who am I kidding? It’s completely normal these days. I don’t know how I would even have graduated high school if fanfiction were as readily available then as it is now.

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Oh thank goodness! It’s not just me. I’d definitely do Captain Jack Sparrow and Alan Shore was so gorgeous in Boston Legal. There are a number of other fictional characters I find very appealing. Enjoy! It’s never going to happen, but you can wallow in the idea that it might in your dreams.

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Totally normal.

You should see my list. It’s thoroughly weird.

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(NSFW) Yes. It is sometimes called a fetish.

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I can point out some people on Fluther who have the crush on fictional characters, even cartoon one, including me. And we all function normally in life.

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Mr Darcy, Sydney Carton, Atticus Finch, Dean from Gilmore Girls….oh yes, quite normal

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Hell, I’m 62. People tell me that I’ve been an adult for nearly twice as long as you’ve been alive, and I still get crushes on fictional characters in books, movies, television shows and music videos. Real people, too, now that I think on’t.

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Completely normal, and a real tribute to the writer and, in the case of a movie or TV character, the actor or actress, as well. I have more of these kind of crushes than I care to admit.

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Nathan Filion as the captain on Firefly. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. One of first crushes was Guy Williams as Zorro back when I was a wee young thing (long ago in ancient times).

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^ I have crushes on both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in Sherlock so it’s a double pleasure to watch. And then talking over the episodes with my son who is a Sherlock fanatic is an added treat.

Johnny Depp in almost anything.

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@janbb Except that awful men’s perfume commercial.

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Haven’t seen it.

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