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Are you a clean water baby? Let's find out.

Asked by msh (4262points) December 10th, 2015 from iPhone

Some habits carry over from childhood, but most people have gotten into a pattern or routine that is stricktly their own. Let’s find out about you!
Are you a shower or bath person? Or do you mix it up?
Is it to just get clean, or hurry through?
Do you wash your ‘scalp and locks’ whilest getting clean?
Some shower and say they do some of their best thinking there. Others claim to do their best singing? How about you?
AM or PM bather? After work? After workout or swim?

Bath people- do you use the average depth of water – tub filled high enough to cover the top of your thighs under water, or are you all-out Hollywood- up to the spigots- type? Handheld sprayer if needed? Bubbles? Bath salts or fragrance? Scalding hot or tepid temperature waters to balance the temperatures above and below water line. Shower cap? Wash/face cloth/flannel with soap or body wash?

Shower People- stall or tub with curtain/ slide doors? Do you remove the showerhead to make it handheld, or do you have one of those old shower spigots that allows you to make the desired rate of water flow- pins and needles up to hard steady knock you off of your feet whale blowhole speed? Do you face the water spray or turn your back to the water streams? Shower cap? Do you bring your feet up to wash them? Or do you bend in half to lift them a shorter distance?
Do you dry your body off inside the tub/stall or step out?

All- Do you bathe from the top downwards? Do you wash your face first or shampoo? Are your feet or your back the last thing to dry off upon exiting?
Do you like to steam up the room, or leave the bathroom door open?
How many times a day do you bathe?
One or two- towelled affair? ( most use two- yes, men also.) Bathmat? Only shoes to slip into after drying feet?
Men- shave after shower?
Women- shave during or after?
How long does the whole bathing process take you? (Average 12 minutes if washing hair and conditioning.)

Do any of you ever just stand or sit there a bit to get a few moments of peace?

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***** I do so humbly apologize to any Californians, or other drought-stricken areas. Flooded areas, you can relive from before and in the future again, once things settle down.
Any countries responders who still think Americans are ODC about cleanliness- be nice! ******

Also- does anyone elses pets sit outside the waterworks, just waiting for you to re-emerge?
What is it with that?

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On my days off I shower once a day,usually shortly after I get up in the morning takes about 6–7 minutes.
On my work days I shower twice a day once when I get up, and again after I get home from work.

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By most social standards I am a filthy toad. Looking over the mass of “how often do you bathe” questions on Fluther, I guess I am also a filthy toad by Fluther standards. Unless it’s specifically called for (sweating, gardening, dirt-attracting activities) I shower only 2 or 3 times a week and only wash my thick, long hair about every five days. Because my hair is so thick, the hair wash (including conditioning and drying) takes at least an hour.
My sensitive skin and scalp are infinitely better for not succumbing to social pressure.
A bath purely for pleasure and relaxation from time to time.

Pets always like to be nearby. Maybe they enjoy the steam?

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Shower only.
Shave first.
Best thoughts of the day, as I’m an a.m. shower only.
Daily and I wash my hair.
Top down.
I have a dual shower-head that will do head and crotch/back simultaneously.
Dry in the stall.

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I also am a filthy toad. The bottoms of my feet except in cold weather are always black. I shower everyday, love a bath in winter in a very deep bath. Wash, shave myself, dry and slather on coconut oil I’m done. I have really long thick hair, I wash it every couple of days, good conditioner.

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Filthy Toads Unite! Save water!

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I wash my hair every other day unless I get really sweaty in the summer, then it is every day.
I mix it up between a shower or bath, usually morning shower, evening bath, depending. In the winter I start with a bath, soaking away and enjoying the sensuality. I shampoo and rinse in the bath water then stand up and rinse under the shower, apply conditioner and rinse. I too love a big, deep bathtub and miss my old hot tub that I used constantly, keeping it hot in the winter and cold in the summer, like a mini-pool.

In the summers when I got home from work I would strip, put a little shampoo on my dry hair, go out and rinse off in the garden hose, hop in the cold hot tub and then turn the garden hose on my head, leaning back, and shampooing my hair over the edge on the patio. Then I would play around in the hot tub, getting nice and cooled down and water my plants with the hose while sitting in the cool water. heaven! haha
On shower mornings I also brush my teeth in the shower to save time.

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I just let my human lick me clean.

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My bathroom has a huge, deep spa bath (although I rarely turn on the jets). I can float in my bath if I want to. It is one of my greatest joys to share a bath with my husband. It’s a treat though. We don’t do this every day. The temperature is not too hot. In summer, we might go for warm rather than hot. We light candles, put music on and lie in the bath talking and enjoying each other’s company. Wine is also often involved, although sometimes just a glass of water and ice. Sometimes we throw a bath bomb in, but mostly not. We do have loofahs and the like to use, but I prefer a sponge for washing, and of course, we have a rubber ducky.

We also have a shower stall. It’s open with no door. That’s deliberate. I like the openness. It has one of those big, overhead shower heads, but there is also a wall (option to be hand-held) shower head for when you don’t want to get your hair wet. On days I don’t want to wash my hair, I use the wall shower and wear a shower cap. On hair washing days, I usually soap up my hair and leave it soaped while I wash my body. I always start washing my body at the top with my face, then the rest of my body and finally, I lift my feet to wash them. Water pressure is fairly high. Temperature depends on the season. Hot in winter, tepid in summer.

I shower in the morning mostly. Depending on the weather, I might shower more and sometimes I feel like a shower in the evening. I wash my hair every other day (unless I’m going out for a special occasion and decide to wash my hair before I go).

I step out of the shower to dry off. I have big, fluffy towels for my body. Smaller towels for my hair. I shave before or while I shower. There is a bathmat on the floor. Sometimes I will stand in the shower for a few minutes if it’s really cold or really hot. Mostly I get in, do what I need to do and get out again.

I love water.

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Shower, AM, hot, soap. If I do some cardio and get sweaty then it repeats.

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I always shower and I use clean water.

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I’m not a baby.

I shower to get clean.

I bathe to relax.

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@dammitjanetfromvegas at least you won’t get thrown out with your bathwater then, will you?

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