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On a job i just quit i think there was an extra 100 dollars on my cheque,what do i do?

Asked by curiousmonkey (59points) July 24th, 2008

i just recently quit a job to work somewhere else, i explained it to them and said i was sorry and they were okay with it, maybe disappointed but when i got my last cheque there was an extra 10 hours on it, with an extra 100 dollars, what should i do? If they found out would I get fined for “stealing money, from not telling them” or would they just send me a bill in the mail? Should i tell them about it or just leave it and maybe they wont notice?

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this is one of those gray area kind of questions. some follow the “finders keepers” ideology while others would question ethics. Are you positive that the extra 100 dollar wasn’t some sort of signing bonus or something? If I were you, I would call and ask the manager about the extra 100$ and then return the money. Now I don’t want to sound preachy at all, but if I was in your situation, I would return the money just to be on the safe side. but then, I am also easily guilt tripped about things

To answer your question though, you would not get fined for “stealing money”, you can always say you didn’t count up the hours and just figured the amount would be right. And they will just send you a bill or something. Chances of the mistake being caught are slim. So it’s really a personal choice and a question of what you think is right or wrong. Hope that helps you make whatever decision is right for you.

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@pnL yah that helped thanks for the advise

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I had a similar situation recently, I’m working a contract job so I only get paid what I work and the week of July 4th I missed 2 days of work. Now, skip ahead 2 weeks. My boss forgot to pay me for a whole week, now, week 3 he pays me, but he gives me the full 2 week amount, I didn’t notice this until I was at the bank cashing it…at that point I wasn’t gonna drive back to work, or call him and figure it out. So if he notices it, I’ll play dumb and give it back…that’s awful isn’t it, I just realized how dumb I sound when I type that. Gosh, I should call him up right now.

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Once I had a manager that was so “Bill Lumburgh” it was almost painful to be in his vicinity. Everything was passive-aggressive, but usually, he had no idea what he was talking about. Likewise, he also had no idea how to do his job. “My bad” was the most commonly heard phrase from his lips. Anyway…

So since he was so bad at his job, payroll was almost always wrong. Every other week there was some silly thing wrong with at least 10 checks. One week, it was my check. Only this time, there were 15 hours of overtime added on. My theory was, if he made that many mistakes with payroll, and they didn’t hold him accountable (I know they didn’t because I was his secretary and not yet trained to do payroll), then they deserved the hit. I didn’t make a lot of money and I took a lot of crap for stuff that was his fault, so I didn’t feel guilty.

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keep it. it ain’t hurting no one.

A mistake you won’t pay for, you moved on, they will too.

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It may not even be a mistake. You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

If you decide to just keep it, when something swings the other way in your life and you are feeling things are unfair, remember this extra $100.

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It might not be a mistake. Sometimes when you leave a job they are obligated to pay you for unused vacation time. That’s just one example, it could be any number of things. You could call and find out the specific reason, or you could just let it go and move on. And there’s no way in hell anyone could come after you for stealing anything. Cause you didn’t. You know?

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Make the effort to give it back. You will feel 100% better about the whole situation.

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Call him and tell him you think there is a discrepancy on your check. He may appreciate your honesty and tell you to keep it. Also he will remember you fondly when you use him for a reference in the future.

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yah i will feel a lot better if i called them back and told them and they’d think better of me in the future and everything but i don’t know it was their mistake not mine but i think ill ask maybe it was some sorta bonus or something and i don’t know the more i think of it the more i think i should move on and just forget about it

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