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Are there public details of the $5,000,000 settlement given to the family of Laquan McDonald by the city of Chicago?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) December 10th, 2015

Just wondering if there is another shoe to drop if the family was forced into a non-disclosure contract or some other limit on their pursuit of justice.

Unless I’ve just missed it, the family seems to have been notably absent from the discussion of the video.

11–20-15 they opposed release of the video.
Yet the article appears to imply the family had seen the video?

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Maybe they just don’t want to be in the media. Not everyone wants to be on TV. They are grieving. It says in the article you linked that they didn’t want to see the video over and over again being broadcast. I don’t blame them. I cringe when I see the video of people jumping out of the World Trade Center on 9/11, I wish they wouldn’t show it over and over.

Is it a keep silent deal? Is there such a thing in criminal cases? I always think of that sort of thing in civil cases. Maybe it is a civil case against the government? And, the criminal case is against the cop? I’m not sure. I don’t think there can be a deal to keep silent before the deal is made, but there could be advice from a lawyer not to say anything while a suit is in progress I guess.

I would assume there are more cases like this than we know about, because the video doesn’t always get released, and the people involved don’t talk about it to the press.

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You have to figure that if the family had sued, they would have asked for more than $5 million, and they would likely have been awarded it by the jury.
So the City of Chicago likely made the calculation that they would save money and embarrassment by paying the $5 million- but with the proviso that the terms are not public. That was their pound of flesh.

I don’t have an issue with a negotiated settlement like this.

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The family had the video.
His mother, who did not attend the press conference, was barred by the agreement from making the video public.

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