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Is Ahmed Mohamed's lawsuit for $15 million lawsuit a slam dunk or not at all?

Asked by flo (12974points) December 11th, 2015

Why is it a slam dunk or not a slam dunk, or in between, whichever you think?

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I doubt they will see $15,000,000.

The kid was trying to make a splash, and got more than he bargained for. He was new to the school and the first teacher he showed it to advised him to stop showing the clock around. In the pictures I’ve seen, it looked a lot like the bomb timing devices shown in American entertainment media.

Hey, the kid got a new life with a free ride in Qatar and he got to meet dad’s buddy rival, Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese leader accused by the International Criminal Court of masterminding genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Dad is outraged at his son’s treatment in Texas so he takes his son to meet a genocidal war criminal?

And they say this shit only happens in America.

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Glad not to be in the Jury Pool.

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Greedy…he already got so much from the attention medias gave to him. At first, I did support him but now…

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@ibstubro ”...the first teacher he showed it to advised him to stop showing the clock around.”
So, the teacher didn’t think it was a bomb? Why did the police get called then? Another teacher thought it was a bomb?

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...Why did the school not evacuate and let the police make sure it wasn’t a bomb and then not arrest him? I think that is the basis of the lawsuit.

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The first teacher that saw the clock advised him not to show it around, @flo.

I believe that teacher though the same as the authorities – it looked like a covert timing device.
In pictures, it does to me.
Via American TV and movies.

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@ibstubro you stated that in your first post. And there is nothing in your 2 posts that respond to any of the questions I posed, and comments I made, does it? If it’s a slam dunk for whichever side, why do you think so? If it is not a slam dunk why not?

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@majorrich and @divinepk3r I was waiting if were to elaborate.
@majorrich I wonder if the amount would influence the jury members to go in the other direction.

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This is clearly an opportunistic money grab. If I were in the jury pool I might help pay half of their tickets to Qatar or where every they went in a huff. The device in question clearly resembled an IED. The teachers handled it as best they could, but also had to balance their responsibility to the safety of the other students.

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I agree 100% with @majorrich.
Minus the ticket price, so 99.7%.

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But there wouln’t have been an opportunity for “money grab” or money grab, if the officals just did the right thing? It’s your tax payers dollars being wasted for nothing you realize that.

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