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Why is it named fluther .com?

Asked by jamesruesch (217points) December 13th, 2015

Just wondering.

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Welcome to Fluther!

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We’re all jellyfish, and a group of jellies is called a fluther of jellies.

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wondering the same

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As neutral and drab an assembly as can be envisioned.

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Beware our sting!

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Thanks for all your answers, jelly friends.

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Any time. Welcome to Fluther!

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Welcome to the tidepool!

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Fluther, pronounced “Fluh THere”, from the Greco-Roman Flootheeri : to make stuff up in a such a convincing way in order to sound like you know what you are talking about or, as Pliny the Elder once said; “to blow smoke up someones ass in such a manner that their sphincter flutters”.

Hope this helps.

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