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How do i stay connected to a server across shutdowns (mac OSX)

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) July 24th, 2008

so i am using my macbook at work. we have a server here for the engineering department. if i use the windows pcs here i can stay connected to the servers. the servers require a password and its the same one that i use for windows login. for this reason when i log it in connects me to the server and i am connected. however on my macbook i have to navigate to the server and put in my password manually using the “connect as…” option. is there a way i can automatically connect to this server every time i log in on my macbook?

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1. Log into the server and mount the shared volumes you wish to use.
2. Create an alias of the drive icon on your desktop.
3. Add the alias to your “login items” in System Prefs > Accounts > [you] > Login Items.
4. Profit!

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thanks a ton man

but now wont both be displayed on the desktop?

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Both the alias and the actual mount icon? Sure, so what? If it bugs you, stick the alias in your home folder somewhere before you add it to your login items.

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oh ok thanks man. then when i log in will it mount the real server (not the alias) on my desktop?

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Correct, it will “pass through” the alias and connect the server volume.

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Also, if you don’t want to typein your password every time, you can choose to remember the password in your keychain next time you add it. That way it will automatically use the password when the alias is run.
If your work password changes, then it will be told that the password is incorrect and ask you to enter the new password.

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