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How do Cubans migrate to the US and why do they get a green card after only 1 year when other people have to wait 10 years or more?

Asked by chinchin31 (1783points) December 14th, 2015

E.g 99 % of my family live in america but I cannot get a green card . I have to wait 10 years for the possibility of getting one through my sibiling . However any Cuban can get a greencard after a year as long as they set foot in America.

This is very unfair.

Why are things made so easy for them but for other well-meaning individuls like myself with lots of family in America and also very well educated, it is made so difficult ?

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Because Florida is a swing state and nobody wants to piss off voters there, so a bunch of disgruntled Cuban ex-pats, and their children, huddled around Miami have been able to dictate US-Cuban policy for decades.

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Cubans are assumed to be seeking asylum. So they get an automatic pass. Then they have anchor babies like Marco Rubio.

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@zenvelo Rubio’s parents came to the US prior to Castro taking over Cuba.

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Cubans get political asylum. Partly, you can attribute it to it being a communist country, but mostly because of our history with Castro. I’m not sure if they get a green card, but they are basically legal in America once their toes hit the sand if our shores. Many of them float over on rafts. Some die on the voyage and never make it. I met one guy who married a Mexican girl, MX eventually approved his visa, and then he snuck across the Mexican border into the US. It was a wild story how he put that plan altogether. Once he crossed the border, since he was Cuban, he was able to get his paperwork done in America. Ironic right? You can do everything dishonest and illegal to get into the country, but if you are Cuban you are legal. Other Hispanics resent it.

@zenvelo The Jelly above me is correct, Rubio’s parents came in before Castro, and before our policy for asylum for Cubans. Although, Rubio knows our current policy for Cubans, and he should know better than to lump all Hispanics into the same group regarding immigration. Cubans might like to put on their outrage about immigration policy and any anti-Hispanic comments made by positions, but the truth is the Cubans are totally different in terms if our immigration policy.

However, with US Cuban relations being opened up a little I am very interested to see if Asylum status will be taken away? I haven’t heard anyone in the media talking about that, which I find really strange.

It’s mostly about politics. FL is a swing state, as mentioned above, and the Cubans are very important to the Republican vote down there. Some younger Cubans are Democrats, so they are losing some of the stronghold.

A friend of mine from Venezuela could not get her little sister into America. She was accepted to a university here and everything, and the US basically told her she could not come because they don’t believe she will return to Venezuela. Venezuela is much like Cuba now, but since we haven’t had a Bay of Pigs like incident with them I guess we ignore it. Years ago I had Venezuelan friends who had tourist visas for years. No problem entering the US.

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I just reread your question. What country are you in? Do you need status so you can work? Or, you just want to be able to come to the US? You don’t need to have a green card to work, you just need the right type of visa. Have you looked to see if America is soliciting people with certain skills? Have you already applied for entry and you were denied?

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