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What's your take on Bowe Bergdahl? Anyone listen to the Serial podcast?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) December 14th, 2015

The first official hearing the case believed jail time was not in Bergdahl’s future.

A top army official now sends the case to general court marshal that could result in life in prison.

My media is currently screwed up, so all I can do is read stories about the case, and view still pictures. I wish I could hear Bergdahl’s voice and see video of him to have more of a personal impression.

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I wasn’t there, so I don’t know the facts. All I can comment on is what I have read.

And I don’t have a strong impression either way.

He may very well have deserted, under pressure or something else. I have a hard time believing that he intended to defect to the enemy. So he may have walked away, but at least from what I read, he didn’t help the other side.

I also can’t see how it is in anyone’s interest to have a guy who was kept prisoner for 5 years spend the rest of his life in prison. There’s no logic there, only spite. What’s the benefit of locking him up? Been there, done that.

It’s hard to believe that the army can’t figure out something else for him to do.

But in the end, I wasn’t there and I don’t know the facts.

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I haven’t had a chance to start in on Season Two of Serial yet. But th last full analysis I read was that he intended to go to another unit to complain that the leadership of his unit was incompetent to the point of jeopardizing both the mission and the lives of the unit. When I heard that, I realized it would be hard for him to get a decent hearing because of the tendency of the military to close ranks.

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Read this morning that a General is recommending a full court martial and possible life imprisonment.

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I think it’s sad that we gave up a handful of terrorists in order to get him back.

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Can’t say he deserves life but he deserves something strong and hard if found guilty.

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