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Do you think that air fresheners are dangerous?

Asked by ukasaka (57points) July 24th, 2008

Do you use them?

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I don’t use them, but why would they be dangerous?

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What about the chemicals?

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I don’t use them because they smell horrible. They’re only dangerous if you try to get high off of them or something stupid like that, in which case they could kill you.

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I use them very moderately. After a while, all the fumes get into my nose and hurts. But its only dangerous if you get like high off of them.

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if you spray it in you eyes or inhale it then yes

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Only if you eat them. And those pine trees don’t taste nearly as good as they look.

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Actually, who the hell knows what they put in those spray cans. If they are dangerous we certainly won’t hear about it for a long time.

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i hate air fresheners—especially aeresols. (hey, there’s a word with a silent letter). but anyway, seems many think spraying this stuff on top of offensive odors does the situation good. uh, no. makes it worse in my opinion. “funky” evolves into “aromatic funk,” much like sweet basil counters romano cheese on hot pasta. open up a window.

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This recent article is inconclusive but suggests that there are carcinogens in at least some products with fragrance.

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I have never had one work so I don’t use them.

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I don’t use them. Read the ingredients on side of can. Buyer beware. That pine scent didn’t get there by pulverizing Balsam needles and funneling them into every aerosol can.

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the air freshener that we use at our house almost makes you gag because you can taste all of its chemicals.

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i usually just burn incense to make the place smell nice!

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If you put a bit of vanilla and a little water in a pan and boil it that will kill a lot of smells. The more vanilla you add, the better it works.

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If you watch this video, you’ll see that they really don’t help the situation for Petunia.

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