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Can a virus that causes fever blisters in one person be the same virus that caused my mouthful of terrible canker sores?

Asked by Yellowdog (11160points) December 17th, 2015

Against my better judgement, I have been kissing a woman with a fever blister—she gets these from time to time, especially under stress. Well, I broke out with a fever and chills but the effects were relatively mild. Until the canker sores began—and my mouth is now like a disease from a 3rd world country with terrible white bumps and canker sores.

My doctor said it was viral and I was put on an antiviral medication plus hydrocodone.

The woman with the fever blister developed only the fever blister and claimed to have mild throat ulcers.

My question is, is the fever blister virus a likely culprit for my canker sores? As a diabetic, should I avoid kissing people with viral infections? (no, I don’t do much kissing)— I’m under a doctor’s care but this really got severe very quickly.

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Sudden and widespread mouth sores can be caused by the Cocksackie virus which also manifests in different ways, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the same virus, but I’m not a medical professional (at all).

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I believe you want to make that Coxsackie.

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Canker sores and fever blisters are two different things, but I don’t know for sure those diagnosis are correct that you are giving, but I’ll assume they are.

Supposedly, people can cause canker sores to act up from irritating the area, so maybe your kissing is aggravating the tissues in your mouth? Did they culture your sores? Are they herpes simplex I? The test might say HSV1. HSV2 is sometimes found on the mouth too.

I think it’s very likely not canker sores and instead an initial HSV outbreak. The first one is usually the worst, and if that’s the case, yes I think maybe you caught it from this chic you have been kissing. Sucks if that is the case. Now, you learned STD’s really do happen. Sorry you are going through this.

I wouldn’t even trust the doctor’s diagnosis. The first time I had shingles it was diagnosed wrong. I don’t see how the doctor didn’t assume it was shingles. The second time it happened I was cultured, but the new doctor pretty much knew before the results came back.

I’m not a doctor.

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What we refer to as “fever blisters” or “cold sores” is Herpes Simplex Virus type 1. Also known as HSV1. A virus which, if you had not been exposed to before, is probably the cause of the terrible sores in your mouth and the systemic symptoms you described. Fever and chills. I wish you a speedy recovery and sympathize with your awful mouth pain!

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For what it’s worth, I had “cold sores” many times over the years and did not kiss someone when I had the “cold sore”. Neither my husband nor my 3 children ever got the “cold sores”.

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