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How do you stretch a dollar?

Asked by jenniferb504 (15points) July 18th, 2007 from iPhone

My fiancee and I have literally six dollars between us. Any cheap living tips?

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This was posted from an iPhone? That was probably a mistake to begin with if you're trying to save money, heh.

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Can't resist:
1. Sell iPhone on ebay...
2. Use profits to pay down CC debt
3. Repeat with next technology/cds/etc.

Seriously-- food is probably the easiest way to pull down your expenses. Ramen noodles, while not *great* for you, but you should be able to buy about a week's worth of food for your $6.

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(ignoring the iPhone)
How long does this 6$ have to last?

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with 6 bucks for two people......... besides basically not eating (or Ramen)..... see if friends or family will put you up, or better yet, hire you for something -- try to find a babysitting, repair/gardening, or other temp job to get some more cash. as above, have a yard sale or ebay/craigslist bonanza.

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Eating at home instead of eating out can save you a lot of money--and you don't have to eat just ramen noodles! It is possible to eat healthy nutritious food, like black beans and brown rice with salsa, or a yummy lentil soup, or a delicious pasta with olive oil, garlic, and some fresh veggies, for very little money. If you have high electricity bills, you can take energy-efficient actions in your home to save money. If it's hot where you live you can turn down your air conditioner, or--better yet--turn it off entirely and use fans/windows to ventilate, you will save a lot of money on your energy bill. I found that doing things like washing my clothes in cold water, and turning off the "auto-dry" option on my dishwasher did end up saving me as much as $10-15 a month on my energy bill. Also, if you live in an urban area, there may be many free options for entertainment in the summer--it's worth investigating the local listings for free concerts, outdoor theater, etc. Another option in many cities is to call your local theater company and see if they have "volunteer ushers". You can hand out programs for 15 minutes and then see the show for free--a very good option for great entertainment, so you can live well without spending a lot of money on things beyond the necessities like food, rent.

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