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Problem signing into, can you help, please?

Asked by Adagio (14040points) December 18th, 2015

I have an account on and have made about 8 purchases using that account over several years. I live in NZ but my brother lives in the US so it is very handy for things like Christmas presents.

I’m trying to sign in to my account and it keeps telling me my password is wrong. Okay, I click “lost my password” and register a new password. Problem solved I thought, but no, the password is still incorrect. I thought I would cancel the account and start again but I see no way of doing that. I am tearing my hair out, can you help, pleaseā€¦

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Is it possible your user name or account name is incorrect? Or is that your email address? Is your user name or account name spelled correctly?

When I’ve had to use their system to reset my password, I copy and paste the newly supplied password into the appropriate field on the Amazon site to ensure I do not type it incorrectly.

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Have you changed the country the credit card is issued ?
Or how you log on to Amazon? Changes in country are part of the log in. New Zealand, Australia and Oceania are the location you are in now, not USA.

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Thanks Jake and Willie. In answer to you both, nothing has changed. I always copy and paste the password. The e-mail address is the same, and spelt correctly, yes I checked. I registered from New Zealand originally. Credit card country is the same. I’m stumped. Previous purchases have been so straightforward.

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This is quite baffling. I do not know how to delete an account to start over.

Here’s an idea:

Try to open a new account with the email address you have a current account with. When it tells you an account already exists, look for any button or something that will tell it to send you a new password. Do that.

I know you’ve already tried that, but I have experienced getting a new password from a different route getting me a working link. It’s a possibility anyway. Give it a shot.

If that fails, you will need another email account to open a new Amazon account from.

Good luck.

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Thanks again Jake, I appreciate your advice : ^)

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If you look carefully on their site, they do have an 800 number to call for any problems.

Whether that is workable from NZ, I don’t know. But I’m assuming that toll-free means toll-free.

As a last resort, if the 800 number only works for US, perhaps your brother could call?

Anyhow, I hope you’re able to get something resolved.

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Yes. @Buttonstc has it. Their customer service is legendary wonderful. Call a human.

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