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Why does the camera add on 10 pounds?

Asked by chinchin31 (1783points) December 18th, 2015

When I look at myself in the mirror I think I look fine. I am curvy but I don’t think I am fat.

However when I look at myself in pictures I think I look fat.

My husband says I look fine.

Is it because I am focusing too much on what I perceive to be the negatives about my body?

This is crazy

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The camera’s POV has a lot to do with it. Your stereo eyes, in conjunction with your brain, corrects the view that you see. The camera has only one “eye” and that allows for a lot of variation. Also, how high or low the camera is when it “sees” you has a lot to do with perspective. A standard 55mm. lens can be quite wide angle that affects photos. Ever see a picture of a person taken with a very wide angle “fish eye” lens? Consider photos of you that were taken at a distance, rather than close up. And if you still think you look fat in photos, quit looking at them!

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Because it is a tactless instrument and very rude!

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