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How do you handle being out of focus?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) July 24th, 2008

I usually go for long walks to think about all the pending life issues at hand, which often helps to sort them out. Other times I just get involved with a mundane activity like house cleaning, or, rewatching an old favorite movie. What about you my dear Flutheroos?

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I Fluther. Sometimes by doing something else, my mind gets clearer about whatever the current issue is.

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Depends on the severity of the subject I’m not able to focus on. It’ll range anywhere from ignoring it to panic attack. More on the former side than the latter, fortunately for me. Usually I watch one of the many movies/shows I have stored in my DVR, preferably something funny.

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I often take a break from what I’m doing. I close my eyes, sit back, and think. Not neccessarily about what I’m unfocused about, but just thinking about whatever comes to mind. Sometimes the thing that I need comes to mind, and other times it doesn’t. However, in the end, I always end up refreshed, rejuvenated, and focused.

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Write it down, sometimes in list or spreadsheet form. You have something you need sorting out, or is this a general question?

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best strategy for me is an early morning run. before humidity. while dew is still on the grass. no music or ipods. no cell phone. very little pedestrian or vehicle traffic. about a mile into the jog or run, my mind starts putting things in order and i’ve resolved some things before i end my mileage.

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In college we learned a strategy called be here now, and it helps me quite a bit when I am unable to focus. I couldn’t get the link to load properly, but the strategy is halfway down the page.

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sleep because I’m usually tired and lack rest

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i mostly do what you said, cleaning, housework, things to keep me busy with my hands but not with my mind so i have some time to think. if i feel especially out of sorts, i’ll just lay on my bed by myself and put on some chill music, burn some incense, calm down, and think. if i don’t do these things i tend to become nasty and anxious, haha.

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I call someone that I love and talk it out. Sometimes they don’t answer… in which case I stay out of focus…. =/

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I usually just put my glasses back on.

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loser You crack me up!!

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how about go on fluther and ask questions where people could give you advice.

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I usually pray, look to a close friend for advice, or just play my guitar. For some reason playing music just clears my mind. Not sure how that works. Also sometimes I will just go somewhere with my camera and just get lost taking photos.

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I push my glasses up higher on my nose.

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Omega -3, in fish oil or flax oil—it works wonders.

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I try to go to a place that allows me to completely shift my focus onto something else. In SoCal, (where I live) the best place is Disneyland. Sometimes I’ll go to a different part of the city, grab a bite to eat, and see a mindless movie (there are always tons to choose from); just getting out of my usual surroundings always seems to help.

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When all else fails- trollops and whiskey.

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I get tea and sit on my favorite couch or play the piano for hours. A long bath works too. As I do these things, I try to clear my mind and focus on the present moment, and pray.

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I go for a walk in the woods.

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I don’t handle it very well. If it’s brought on by exhaustion it’s not so bad, then I’m pretty good at letting my brain take a break, but if it just sort of happens I beat myself up for not being able to get things done.
The best solution I’ve found is throw myself in to simple tasks or find something to distract me. Gardening or watching telly is good.

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I do one of these things: sleep (helps refresh mind), drive (soothing…but not so much these days with gas prices) or fluther (entertaining to say the least)

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A long walk or run helps me a lot. I think it’s something about the rhythm of my gait that lulls my mind into being relaxed enough to quiet (and sometimes cough up a solution, to boot).

Long, water-wasting hot showers work, too.

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i play with my dogs. always calms me and gets me back to the moment.

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My science teacher says I don’t focus in his class… I’d have to say the bell ending 2nd period.

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XBox Americas Army only game I play on it. Or, Netflix. I live by the ocean, nothing like walking the beach. I do spend a lot of time there.

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