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Do you think people have shorter tempers now, because they are accustomed to entertaining themselves?

Asked by JLeslie (59817points) December 20th, 2015 from iPhone

I’m talking about social media, Netflix, DVR, email, the internet in general.

All these things we can now do to fill our time, does it make us less tolerant of interruptions? Less needy for human interaction with our families? Do people who weren’t so frustrated and angry seem to have become more short tempered in the last 5–10 years? We can compare it to addiction, but I’m not even going that far.

I feel like we are all on our own schedules.

I’m not sure if I’m communicating what I mean or what I’m feeling about it.

I think there are many things that causes short tempers, stress is a biggy these days, but I think that not needing your family for every day interactions might be part of it.

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The holidays is famous for bringing out the best and worst of peoples. Chalk it up to stress on top of stress…some navigate this seasonal stress valiantly, others are frayed at the edges and it rears it’s ugly head in less than controlled displays of emotions. Once the snow melts people generally recover with happier dispositions.

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Both e-communication and social media have damaged interpersonal skills. It’s not a good thing to have 600 virtual friends but no time for real-life friends. Because temperament, patience, and tolerance are acquired traits, learned by and essential to social interactions, I’d say you’re right.

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I was thinking about this a little bit yesterday. I went to a cocktail party hosted by longtime friends who I don’t see much. It made me realize how isolated I am at times—but it isn’t even accurate to say that because I’m really busy doing other social things. I think it was the quality of the event and the fact that I’m not on the same wavelength like maybe I used to be that made it a fuzzy connection.

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@Cruiser I agree holiday time can be stressful, but I mean all year. This year I have zero “holiday” stress. My holiday is already over, and my husband wasn’t here for it, so nothing to do for it. My husband will be home Christmas Eve, so I will make one of the traditional dishes for us for dinner. I have to make something for dinner anyway, so it’s no big deal. No gift shopping, or any if that mess. Although, right now I have the stress of moving.

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@JLeslie Hopefully you have a few calm moments to be able to relax during your move.

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@Cruiser Thanks. My only real worry is separating out things I don’t want the movers to take, and whether to drive or fly.

Finding a house has been the biggest stressor.

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