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Ok- fluff x 3~ Where you live: bare wood floors, laminate or linoleum, carpeted wall to wall, or floor strewn with throw rugs and runners?

Asked by msh (4262points) December 20th, 2015 from iPhone

What are you walking around on ( for the most part ) at home?
Belly button lint and dust bunnies do not count.
If choices don’t match- name your under-foot wear.

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Timber floors everywhere except for in the bathrooms and laundry. I have terracotta tiles in the family bathroom and laundry and travertine tiles in my bathroom. The images here aren’t my rooms, but the tiles are similar.

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@Earthbound_Misfit – Oh, suh-weet! Nice choices!

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I have carpet on the stairs and halls. The sitting room is polished floorboards. The kitchen diner is slate tiles with underfloor heating. Upstairs we have carpet in the girls’ bedrooms and polished floorboards in our bedroom. All of these were in the house when we moved in. Not a single flooring decision made by us!

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Oh! Nice choice for a house- smart!
Heated floor- ohhh in the winter- I’d probably sleep on it!

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Hardwood mostly. Linoleum in the kitchen. Carpeting in the den.

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Oak floors throughout except bathrooms (tile), kitchen (linoleum) and 2 of the 3 bedrooms (wall to wall carpet). The entire house was built in the 20s with beautiful oak floors lined with mahogany bordering all of the walls in every room, hallway, even the closets in the house. Those floors still lurk beneath the carpet, tile and linoleum, and when the carpet goes will be sanded and refinished. The kitchen will be tiled, except the damned linoleum shows not the slightest sign of wear. It’s the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen. The stuff must be tougher than steel and was here when we came 30 years ago. The tile on both the walls and floors in the front bathroom remains intact from when the place was built. When I first saw the interior of this place, I couldn’t believe it. The craftsmanship in the construction of the place nearly put me in a trance. I remember the wife nagging me about exhibiting signs of a stroke as she complained about deterioating kitchen counter grout and the ancient sink. It was when she started talking about the need to tear up the repulsive floor tiles in that bathroom that I snapped out of it and announced “we’re taking this place.” The funny part of this is that at the time not an inch of the wonderful wood floors was exposed to view. They were hidden from view by combat grade carpet everywhere but the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. The bedrooms had their own separate shades of garish carpeting except for the master bedroom which actually had tasteful quality carpeting (that’s still there). It was in the uncarpeted walk in closet that I saw the mahogany bordered oak floors and suspected what lay beneath all that playing field grade polyester covering the floors.

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Our house was built in 1978. When we bought it in 2001, it still had the original “Autumn Orange Shag” carpets throughout, except in the kitchen and bathrooms, where there was vinyl tile. Carpets all went away in the first year, replaced with salvaged throw rugs on hardwood throughout, with saltillo in the kitchen and bathrooms.

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What is it about the choices on carpet and flooring from the 70’s onward? Blech. Although I have had the carpet with brown, tan, and cream loopy carpet in three different places. Even in the freaking kitchen! Wall to wall. It caught on everything and started to unravel. Cats always loved it! You never noticed it much though- over the harvest gold appliances. Looking around now, I think some found a cashe of the doctor’s office/institution and bright olive to a pea soup green paint for walls from the same era. ~ :/

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The stuff was absolutely horrible and the amount of absolute filth that could hide in all of that “shag” is staggering. You had to live through that period to appreciate the true absurdity of the stuff.

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Oak hardwood up stairs except for the bathrooms (tile) downstairs all tile throughout.

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