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Did you watch or hear about the Miss Universe screw up?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) December 21st, 2015

Steve Harvey the host announced Miss Columbia as the new Miss Universe, she is crowned and waving to the audience when Mr. Harvey walks back on stage and says he screwed up as Miss Philippines was the true winner. Oooops!

I almost feel as though the two ladies should share the title and Steve should have to wear a dunce cap for the whole year.

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I think this was a publicity stunt. Not too many people watch this anymore, and this certainly will get a lot of media attention.

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I did hear about it, and I had a thought like @filmfann did, but I hope that’s not it.

It would be pretty awful if Miss Columbia was really put through that, whether it was a stunt or not.

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I think it was an honest mistake. The whole ranking business is silly. First runner up… he saw first next to Columbia, and made a live tv boo boo. That poor man must be feeling like such a heel.
I agree (once again) with Donald Trump. I think they should reign jointly.

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@Zaku If it was staged none of the girls were in it. Watch the video in the link. Really awkward to watch.

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It was on the news over here this morning and it was excruciating to watch. Steve then apologised via Twitter and managed to misspell the names of both countries involved.

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I didn’t think I would ever agree with anything Donald Trump said but sharing the crown might be best at this point.

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Since some time has passed, good etiquette would be for the winner to publicly insist. That way time would be there to make an identical crown. The pageant would be able to save face for not doing it themselves right away, and Miss Philippines would be applauded by the world as a very stable and forgiving girl.

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Miss Universe!?!
The winner should’ve been the short sighted rectal surgeon’s assistant, Miss Uranus.

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She lost after she thought she had won. The least that can be done is to spell her place of origin correctly.

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You are correct, and I am in error. I thought that was how I spelled it, but looking back… spell check? Or brain fart?
Forgive me, please, Miss Colombia.

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Haha, Miss “Universe”.
Want to guess what the intergalactic community thinks of your hubris?

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I saw it live! It was weird. Steve Harvey said, “the winner is…” and I’m thinking, that’s strange, usually they announce the runner up first. Then Colombia gets the crown and no the girls aren’t rushing up to congratulate her. Maybe they don’t do that on Miss Universe like other pageants. My memory might be bad. Then, Harvey announces his mistake.

Bazaaro land.

If it was a set up, and I was Steve Harvey, I would not have agreed to do it.

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She deserved to win, what a pity!

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Steve Harvey was very good about accepting the blame and not make any excuses. From the story I saw in the paper, he feels worse about it than anybody (except Miss Colombia).


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My dad told me about this… that must have been so horrible.
Some think that it might have been planned for there to be a ‘mistake’ for publicity, I honestly dont know.

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Sounds like the world needs Trump to reign over Miss Universe rather than the US…

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