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Are you having a difficult time?

Asked by lasuz (105points) December 21st, 2015 from iPhone

with the holidays this year? Perhaps you’ve had a relationship break up, or you lost a loved one.

My kids are upset due to my parents Trust/will decisions and think it is my fault ( it was not my fault), my Mom died in 2010 and my father ½013. I’m divorced many years and not dating anyone now.

Fortunately I have good friends.

Anyone like to share their situations?

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I had three high school classmates commit suicide last week. I hadn’t spoken to any of them in 15+ years, but it tells me times are tough for a lot of people.

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No, not really.

I am fortunate. Things seem to be going ok. My kids and grandkids are doing well. My mom is hanging in there, My brother and sister and their families are healthy and still employed.

My biggest concern is what I am going to get my wife for Christmas when she needs nothing and has a tendency to go buy what she wants.

I have it good.

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Not bad just yet. I think the next 8 years will be difficult, and becoming more so the closer I get to the 8 year mark. Then, if I’m still alive and healthy, I should have it easy. At least I hope to.

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Always. I always have a difficult time with every season. It’s never ending.

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My difficulty has been ongoing since 2013 when I was tanked by this recession, lost it all, my much loved work, plowed through my life savings over the next 3 years unable to find decent, sustainable work and had to give up my beloved little country home. I am in my 50’s, with one adult daughter and divorced forever now and my attachment to the holiday thing has been in check for years. I have enjoyed simple celebrations and was well able to afford to make a nice meal and buy gifts, but still kept it simple and low key. I do not feel any sadness around the holidays, but I am really struggling with the loss of of my home, financial independence and adjusting to living with house mates after living alone and loving it forever after my divorce.

The good news is that I am embarking on a new “career” of pet and house sitting and already have 3 new clients that I sit for. I am enjoying some lovely homes and ranch properties, and am being paid very well. I will be spending this Monday at one home with a dog and cat and then the New years weekend on the big ranch, cozied up by a beautiful fireplace with 4 dogs and my other charges, 11 horses. I really like this situation, it is like vacationing at fun new houses.

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I can’t find a decent place to live. January marks one year of apartment hopping. It’s difficult when it’s just you and you can’t afford even a studio.

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Yes. I’m missing family members that are no longer alive. My family is getting smaller.

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