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Will Apple add ringtones?

Asked by GotJinks (29points) July 18th, 2007 from iPhone

I am not happy with current ringtones on the iPhone. Will apple make more or add costume ringtones?

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yes it will sell ringtones on iTunes

@fluther community: can we please stop with the questions about the iPhone

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yes we will
i dont like this mirza kid bitching on apple

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@steveJobs He's not. He's tired (and I agree) of people asking this question on here.

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It's the curse of having a really good iPhone app.

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Yes. Sadly fluther did exist before iPhones and not all of us have one or are on one.

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but us bad people are actually using - thus the confusion -and we have all recently spent a lot of money on them - thus the obsession.
Don't be a h8r - just don't read them ;-)
I do agree that folks should look at the topics covered first to avoid asking the same question over - I like my ringtones just fine for now (-;

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Mirza is just jelois that his little place where he is somewhatnaccepted is being invaded by the great iPhone community. QQ more please, it only makes you look worse.

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yes its a way they can make money

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there is a new program for iPhone ringtones. it sorf of hacking your iPhone, but i used it and I have had no problems at all. when i do get a problem i just restore it and it goes back before i had it modified.

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Make your own!
1. Split your favourite mp3 to 30secs or less.
2. Open 30sec mp3 in itunes, then convert it to aac.
3. Drag it out of iTunes, rename mp3 bit to m4r.
4. Click on it and it will open iTunes, then check out ringtones and bingo!

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Did anyone realize you can make ringtones straight from Garageband. Theres a make your own ringtone feature.

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