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What are the ramifications of getting a "W" as an undergrad?

Asked by monsoon (2510points) July 24th, 2008

Really, what will it hurt?

Edit: I’m talking like, one or two. Not ten.

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Depends on the course, what the rest of your transcript looks like, and how many other Ws you have. I think I had one and no one asked me about it. But my transcript was interesting enough to beg other questions, I guess.

Personally—it always bothered me when people bailed on a course at the last minute simply because they were doing poorly. I think it’s gaming the system. But do what you gotta do.

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What do you plan on doing after undergrad?

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grad (and this would be my second). Probably at the same school I’m attending now, to be honest.

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Too many W’s and it looks like you drop classes you are failing in as a means of keeping your GPA up.

I had a few and had to give a written explanation when applying elsewhere. They do not look good.

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Whats a “W”? eh>?<

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Withdrew or withdrawal, depending on the student’s reasons for dropping a course.

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Thanks. onwards – well, I kept my classes that I was doing poorly in. just tell people you had a lot of deaths in the family during that period if it comes up. works like a charm every time. and you can use the excuse on nearly every professor, i.e. in order to make up tests and get the grade you want without a W

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So, what happens when you have to function in a job, using the skills you obtained (or didn’t) at college?

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It depends on the situation; I had a lot of “W”‘s on my transcript for one semester because my mom and close friend both died. It was no problem when applying to grad school. I think overall they don’t really care as long as everything else on your transcript is normal.

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@gail, exactly.

Here’s my scoop: I have three jobs. I spend every waking moment I’m not working doing calculus, and I still receive steady sixty percents on my homework. The reason is that I never took Pre Calculus, and though I sometimes am able to get the right answers, I don’t understand how or why. I will have to take calc 2 next semester, as well as a few other classes that need cal 1 as a prereq, and it will be the same deal there, except I’ll be taking five other classes on top of it.

In fact when I talked about how horrible my cal has been in this post, the majority rule was that I should drop it and take precal first (which is now what I want to do). I think it’ll be better in the long run to have a W than a string of C’s and D’s spotting my 3.4 average transcript, and an incomplete understanding of the subject.

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Ah! I agree completely. Why did you jump into calc. without precalc? Is it a required course or can you take another math course that you would feel more comfortable with.

What is your major that would require calc 2 (If you think Calculus is hard…)From my experience with college math courses, if you don’t have some intuitive understanding of Integration and Derivation, jump ship.

MY daughter, who was a really gifted language-arts student and a quantitative idiot mediocrity, took “math for dummies” at her University.

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I’m actually really good at math, at least I have been in the past. That’s what leads me to blame the whole problem on not having taken precalculus.

I’m actually minoring in computer science, that’s what required the calculus.

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