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What do you think about the stock market "getting drunk" and now haveing a "hangover"?

Asked by Scrumpulator (564points) July 24th, 2008

President bush on the last couple days

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I actually can’t bring myself to read about the economy, simply because it just scares me too much… same goes for just about everything Dubya says, but if he said that, I’m not the least bit surprised. I’m leaving it at that.

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The fact that this is the best analogy he could make says it all. I think my dog could be a better President. I’m serious; she can open doors and everything.

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@richardhenry: My cat definitely has a stronger grasp on the English language.. that’s for damn sure.

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Well, one more taste of George Bush leadership by idiocy.

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is that on tape? can anyone find a link? i would love to see it.
@marina, yeah, you said it.

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I think Bush was projecting. Maybe Bush has been drunk on power and blood money over the last 7 years.

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Its on Youtube and the BBC

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thanks marina!
wow, i just watched it. that was amazing.
the best part is:
“the question is ‘how long will it sober up?’ ”

“how long will it sober up?” is he trying to say “how long will it take to sober up? or is he asking, “when can we all get drunk again?” ... “how long is the economy gonna be sober? this sucks.”

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