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When my mom makes me delete my favorite game and she changes the ITunes passcode, how will I get it back?

Asked by Wolf_girl100 (88points) December 24th, 2015 from iPhone

I need to find it out because it was my life!

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Maybe get some perspective and have it not be your life?
How old are you? I’m a mom, and if one of my kids felt that way about a game, when I still had some control, I might have taken the same action.

Not what you wanted to hear, I know. Sorry.

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You respect your parents and ask them how you can earn the game back.

God, I’m old.

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Teenagers lives are much different today and parents need to acknowledge and respect that. I would never do that to any of my children. Take away the game, ps3, iPod? Yes. Delete, change pass codes? Never. People who don’t game, have no understanding of how much you have to work for the “limited time only” treasures the games offer and unfortunately hook you on.

You really need to understand that tho your life may feel destroyed, it’s NOT!
It really is only a game. People can hack n take all your stuff, the game could shutdown n take all your goodies. Its not real life, its a game.

It’s an iTunes account, make a new one.

I’m sorry. I don’t know how you get them back. I lost my iTunes info and was locked out for what seemed like forever. I think there are security questions to answer and an alternate email option when you set it up.

If all else fails, just make a new account (I think I may have 3). If your stumped for cc info, use that Vanilla Visa card you got for your birthday. It doesn’t matter if there is money on the card. I have one that has .29ยข on it I use all the time for any game/site I don’t want to have my valid cc.

Having that said, i don’t know why you lost your game and iTunes in the first place but always remember, respect, trust, and such is a two way street. Don’t expect it if you don’t give it ; )
Talk (dont argue!) with your mother. Give a little. You may be surprised!


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Let me take a little guess here that this is one of those “freemium” type of games. It’s originally free to download and play for awhile; just long enough to get you hooked.

Then you reach a point, or several points, where you can’t advance without paying.

And all those little payments added up to a pretty substantial amount so your Mom decided to lock you out of iTunes?

How much did you rack up before she put the hammer down?

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I didn’t pay for it. It was a multiplayer game! I had so many friends! They’re probably like: “Where’s Wolf Girl?”

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What did your parents say when you approached them about earning back your gaming privileges?

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I didn’t yet. I’m going to figure it out though

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You need an intervention.

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Life is full of begin-again moments. Learn to embrace them : )

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What do you mean

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