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Treatment for chapped thighs...

Asked by MooCows (3190points) December 24th, 2015

The inside of my thighs have
become red and chapped.
I have tried powder, aloe vera,
anti fungal cream, vaseline,
and it won’t clear completely up.
This has become very uncomfortable
not to mention a frustration for me.
Any help would really be appreciated!

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Cornflour used like baby powder.

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^ .. is a really good way to get a yeast infection.

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Have you tried baby ointment like Butt Paste which contains:

Zinc Oxide, 16%
Castor Oil
Mineral Oil
Peruvian Balsam

The Zinc oxide will calm the skin.

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Why would corn starch be recommended if it causes yeast infections? You may be right, but…..

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How have your thighs become chapped? If you are overweight and your thighs are constantly rubbing against each other, aside from the remedies listed, losing weight will be the cure. I mention this because you asked another question about losing weight.

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Antifungal cream. Especially, if your thighs are touching at times. I mean skin to skin.

You can try Lotrimin or the girl stuff if there is any stash of it in the house.

Keep you thighs clothed in natural fibers like cotton.

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I have seen in a lot of running stores treatments for chapped thighs.

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Wear loose-fitting soft pants (like sweats) for a few days. Keep the chapped area of your thighs clean (wash morning and night with warm-hot water and soap; then dry carefully.)

May I second @Tropical_Willie‘s suggestion for diaper rash ointment. It is amazing stuff!

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I would think Moo Cows would be familiar with Bag Balm.

It’s available at Walgreens, CVS, etc.

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Zim’s Crack Cream (Stop that sniggering!) is amazing stuff and now available in a body lotion.

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Finally ended up at the Dr and had a bad fungal infection..nothing to do with legs getting chapped. He prescribed Diflucan and 2 types of cream for me to use. I have no drug ins and the creams were $82 and the Diflucan $22 and the office visit $65 but hopefully I will finally get some peace of mind which is priceless!

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Thanks for the follow-up. @MooCows

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