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What's your biggest regret?

Asked by AdventureElephants (1397points) December 24th, 2015 from iPhone

As stated.

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Not marrying the woman I should have, and marrying the one I did.

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Cutting off contact with my father.

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Start doing what I like earlier.

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Not having children

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The biggest regret, that I would mention, was back in the early 90s when I think the Net was just taking off and AOL was sending people disc for umpteen free minutes to get them using AOL, I somehow got a letter, email, I can’t remember, that wanted me to invest in some adult entertainment business where I would host a number of their products and when someone subscribed they would do all the billing and give me my cut. The buy-in price was like $500 dollars. I could have done it because I had the means, it would have left me tight for a couple of paychecks but I could have done it. I thought it was bogus, I said to myself, ”Who would be foolish enough to pay for some woman they can’t see and don’t know $2.00 a minute to talk dirty to them?”, obviously there were many. Had I done that back then I would not have the time or desire to waste time here, I would be out on my yacht, using my Gulfstream to fly to England for lunch, or testing the latest addition to my fleet of Lamborghinis.

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