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I know it's a repeat, but I can't find it - how to enlarge avatars?

Asked by syz (35649points) July 24th, 2008

Sorry guys, I’m computer illiterate.

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Get the url of the image… try right-clicking on it to “Copy Image Address” or similar.

Paste into your browser’s address field.

Remove the “_thumb” portion and submit.

Example with syz’s thumbnail:

Example with syz’s full size:

Feature request: provide a link on a person’s profile page to his/her full-size avatar image.

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Oh, goody, I could never make it work last time. Maybe this time, I will get it.

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ctrl or right click image and choose to open image in another window or tab. Then remove the _Thumb part, as rob said.

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Rob walked me thru it on a Mac…then my teen-ager actually did it. For baby steps, PM me. Double click and control on Mac mouse.

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Eureka, I did it. I saw syz and her lovely tiger big. Rmd, yours is a thumbnail, right?

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@Marina, yah, mine was a thumbnail from the get go.

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Ok, I’m feeling extra stupid today. When I right click and open in a new window, I just get the entire user’s profile page.

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@syz, what browser you using?

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Windows Internet Explorer

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ah… right-click and select “Copy This Image URL” and follow the remainder of my instructions above.

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You then have to right click on the avatar image on the page. Apparently, the site is set up so clicking on the user takes you to their profile. I know this ‘cause I did it too.

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Ok, I finally figured out a way to do it (I have to click on properties and then copy and paste). Thanks, everyone.

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Oh. Mm. You must using IE 6.

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At last! I was having the same problem. Thanks, Syz.

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I want to enlarge this person’s avatar, lovelylady319, but when I click on, “Copy Image location” I get this url,

and when i take out the word ‘thumb’ it just goes to a blank page…

Can anyone help?

I’m using firefox 2.0 I think…whatever the 2nd newest one is.

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Did you remove the underscore in front of the word ‘thumb’, like this:

Not that it matters, the original was only very slightly larger than the thumbnail, so you shan’t see much more.

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oooook. thanks rob! maybe next time i’ll be able to do it on my own…. :)

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