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Isn't it ridiculous how much paper retail stores are wasting on register receipts these days?

Asked by ibstubro (18730points) December 25th, 2015

I think the average minimal receipt at Walmart is 10–12” minimum.

The worse offender I know of is Kmart, where you get a substantial receipt for your purchase (maybe 7–8”) and a minimum of 3 in-store coupons (probably 5” each). And I bought, like, a bag of chips.

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If they are using less direct mail, maybe it’s actually less paper than they used to use? I don’t know, it’s just a possibility I thought of. The coupons usually are based on what you purchased so they are more likely to be targeted to you individually I think.

Some stores I have the option of email or text for receipts.

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Yes, I think CVS is really bad. They include coupons and the receipt can go on for what seems like miles.

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Seems to me, @JLeslie, like the coupons are designed so you seldom use them. Buy 3 on something you just bought or short life spans.

Kroger used to be really bad about that, too, @marinelife. Giving 5 color coupons with a really short life.

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Macy’s gives you the option of having receipt emailed, but then (of course) you have to provide them with email address, which many people might not like the idea of.

Kmart does give you a whole bunch of coupons which are in receipt form – foot after foot of paper. I find the coupons to be things like “buy one get one half price on shoes” or stuff like that.

What makes receipts longer than ever are that at at the bottom, they often have the “take a survey” thing where they want you to log on and tell them your opinion on the service, store, etc.

One of the many things I love about Costco is that you don’t need your receipt to return anything. They look up what you paid by your account and then your refund is given accordingly. The only time you really need the paper receipt is if the price of an item dropped and you want a price adjustment.

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I keep my receipts – they’re necessary for returns and reimbursements and catching errors. I would be most unhappy if receipts were no longer available.

Now, as for coupons and all that garbage – they could suppress those. I throw them away.

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Menard’s has kiosks in the entry where you can go and re-print any receipt, @jca. I guess maybe you had to have used a credit or Menard’s card, but it’s handy.

Receipts aren’t the issue, @elbanditoroso. It’s adding things like @jca‘s ‘survey’ that make a 2 item purchase 12” of paper.

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@marinelife I know what you mean about CVS’s never-ending receipts. They are worth glancing at, though. Some of the receipts are pretty good, and there might be Extra Bucks – freebie chits to spend in lieu of cash – hiding among them.

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Still a small percentage of the waste used by bags both paper and plastic. I agree that they are ridiculous. But if everyone carried some canvas bags with them when they did their shopping the planet would be much better off. But both problems need attention.

Edit: and I should add that computers are not free of waste either. Servers use a lot of electricity and I would rather cut down 100 trees instead of burning 10 tons of coal to power your emailed receipts.

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Excessive receipts are the worst. Can’t they just add them to a membership card? Make them available online? Such a waste.

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In Costco, the info is available on each member’s account, for returns and stuff but they use printed receipts so that the guy at the door can check and make sure everything in your cart was paid for.

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