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Is there an iPhone app that lets you plug in the number of shares you own and your cost basis so that you can see your gains and losses in real time?

Asked by farmer (345points) December 25th, 2015 from iPhone

For example, let’s say I bought 20 shares of KO at $50 per share. Now KO is selling for $45 per share. If I log on to my Fidelity or Scottrade or whatever account, I will see that I’m down $200. What I want is an app that I can plug that information into so it will show me the $200 loss according to the current price of the stock. I know Fidelity and most brokerage firms have their own apps that would do this, but I don’t feel comfortable using an app that is connected with my actual account. I’m looking for something where I can plug in the information manually that isn’t linked at all to my real accounts.

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Most financial news websites – I know that CNBC is one – have their own apps that do this specifically. I know that Yahoo! used to offer that service, too – and maybe they still do also, but I haven’t checked it out in a long time.

The problem with using those sites is that if you do any kind of more-than-minimal trading, you have to keep updating the third-party site repetitively (and keep account of splits, too, of course, and dividend reinvestment if you do that), so I simply don’t do that any more. I go direct to the trading site where I have my account, but I require a manual login each time. I don’t save passwords on my phone!

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Do you want real-time info, or do you want one that isn’t tied directly to your accounts? You can’t have both.The closest you can get is doing what @CWOTUS by going to the website via your browser and declining to save your password.

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@farmer – I’m sure your broker does this – my question for you is – why are you worried about having an app directly connected to your account? That way the account is always up to date with distributions and dividends. If you use a third party app, it won;t reflect the actual number of shares that you own.

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Do not give a third party such critical information! Your current broker no doubt offers this already.

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The webpage will do this. Add/Edit holdings then click on the performance chart. You can plug in the number of shares you own and what you originally paid for them.

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You won’t get real time gains/losses unless you are plugging into a brokerage application that provides real time quotes. Otherwise you are on a fifteen minute delay.

And checking your balance all the tim through the day is not a wise way to invest. When you buy stock, you ought to have in mind an exit point for share price gains, and an exit point if the share price declines. Without that planning, you become vulnerable to knee jerk reactions to a sudden price swing.

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@johnpowell Thank you! That’s exactly what I was looking for.

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