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How was your holiday?

Asked by Haleth (19538points) December 26th, 2015

I fell asleep on the couch after dinner. It was delightful.

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Wonderful. I got to spend it with my grandsons. Having a wonderful visit.

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Enjoyed it. Everyone got along, I think I picked good presents, I got good presents, and though the tablecloth caught fire, nothing really went wrong.

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Shockingly good. Did Chinese with my mom, sister, sisters-twins, sisters son, sisters boyfriend, Sisters son GF, and sisters boyfriends sons.

That was Christmas eve. Chinese on Greeley. Then we went to my sisters for to open stuff…. I am not pretty.

Then we did a Christmas French toast at our house. That was 20+ people and I am still recovering.

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Wait, are you in the picture?

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Mine was great. Christmas eve got out of work at noon. Went to lunch at Panera and ran into some good friends. Went to church Christmas eve with my family (family service where children act out the nativity scene). We have gone every Christmas eve for about the past 5 years. It’s really charming – it’s quick, too. It’s over in a about a half hour. Then we went to a nice seafood restaurant. Really pleasant.

Christmas day went to my parents’ house. Also incredibly pleasant and laid back. Dinner, dessert, some vino, opened presents. Arrived around 3, left around 9.

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Good. Thanks for asking. :)

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Threw my back out Christmas eve horrible pain, can’t see the Chiropractor till sometime Monday and will probably have to miss most of the work week getting the back into shape,
getting old sucks.
As for Christmas spent it with the inlaws FUN, thanks for asking.

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Holiday? What holiday? ~

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Pleasant and low key, still eating cookies and…it’s my birhday today! haha’ Going out tomorrow though, need a day off in between things. is @seeks birthday tomorrow and @JLeslie isn’t yours this month too or am I mistaken?

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@SQUEEKY2 Bummer, hope you feel better soon. We were trail riding today and my friend got thrown when her new, young horse spooked. She’s okay, a little kidney bruise maybe but another lady riding got thrown after a jogger spooked her horse and she fell and broke her hip, had to be medi-vaced out from the lake trails. A bad day for horsing around over here. haha

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@Coloma Happy Birthday! What you remember is we are both Capricorns. My birthday is in January. I celebrate all of January.

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@JLeslie us cappys, we’re the bomb! haha

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Happy birthday, @Coloma!

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Another Capricorn here. Mine is Jan 2, which was usually the day we went back to school or work, but it is Saturday this year!

Happy birthday, fellow Cappys!

Our Christmas was very quiet and very pleasant. Christmas Eve we had smoked king salmon and picked asparagus from the Pacific Northwest. Christmas Day, my husband opened the electric piano that I got him and played some. He gave me a lovely necklace and some other gifts including a book I wanted that the library didn’t have. We had our now traditional rib roast. It was delicious! It was unseasonably warm here, but we are managing. I got to Skype with my family at their holiday gathering. It was the usual—everyone talking at once and a lot of laughter.

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@Coloma hey! I didn’t know it’s your birthday. Happy birthday! And happy birthday to Seek in advance too.

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It was fine, thanks.

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Happy Birthday Capricorns @Coloma, @JLeslie, Seek, @marinelife!

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Jonsblond too. Lots of jelly Capricorns.

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Happy birthday to everyone!

My Christmas was really nice. This year and the last year or two are the first times we’ve all really gotten along as a family, it seems like. There was a lot of love and caring and just really good vibes all around.

My dad got his girlfriend a picture of their two (precious, spoiled, overfed) little dogs where it looks like they’re talking to each other, and she cried because she liked it so much. She got him tickets to Earth, Wind, and Fire and had him figure it out with clues. The first clue was a bag of dirt from the front yard. My teenage sister asked if it was “the devil’s lettuce.” :D The next clue was matches and the last one was her making puffing/ blowing noises while he opened it. So I continued the drug theme and said, “oh my god, you got him cocaine???” I had just eaten a bunch of snacks and salami and the fattest, littlest of the two dogs climbed into my lap and kept licking my face.

I was nervous because I cooked instead of getting everyone presents. My grandma sometimes makes “helpful” suggestions- more out of worry or concern than actual criticism, I think. But I was soooo nervous because they were her recipes and I’ve never brought food before. She was just happy that I made them, and said they were delicious and I did a great job. She’s lost a lot of weight in a very short amount of time, and that night it sort of hit me that we may not have much time left together. I realized that over the years I haven’t given enough credit and that she loves and cares so much for everyone around her. But I’ve wasted so much time not getting along with my family in the past.

Apparently when you’re newly sober, it’s normal to have crazy mood swings and cry at the drop of a hat. I’ve been crying over everything- cute dogs, little babies, being tired and grumpy, and the other day I cried because a heron landed in front of me at the river and it was fucking magical, okay. So I totally cried in the car on the way home because my Christmas was so nice.

When I got home my roommates were there. (They’re dear friends of mine who are a couple.) His mom got a little santa suit for the cat and we put it on him. I’ve never seen such a majestically disdainful animal. He was just so disappointed in all of us. But I got him a can of fancy feast and we mixed it in with his kibbles, so all in all, everyone had a very special day.

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Thanks!! The mods messaged me that my birthday was mentioned, but I okayed it so the posts should come back.

Yay Capricorns!

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@Seek Happy Birthday girlie! Bend over, time for a paddlin’. lol

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@Here2_4 :: yes.. I am the one on the right with the weird body.

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Christmas at our house was far better than I had dared to hope it might be. In fact, it was the best one in a very long time. Thank you for asking.

I’m so glad it went well for you.

When you’re not living sober, I hear, it’s hard for anything else to go right. You’ve made a big change, at a potentially difficult time of year. More power to you.

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