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Do you think when Facebook has a problem deleting a status it's because of key words?

Asked by JLeslie (59781points) December 27th, 2015 from iPhone

Once in a while when I try to delete something I wrote on Facebook it can’t be deleted. I get a pop up box that there was trouble deleting it. The first time it happened I had written something that contained the word Muslim in it, so it made me suspicious. It’s happened a couple of time since. I think the last two times it was something about the presidential race.

Has it happened to you? So you think it’s just a glitch, or some sort of on purpose programming?

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I don’t delete things I wrote. I may edit them but not delete them. Sometimes if someone writes something stupid on one of my posts, I’ll delete it, for example, a friend’s mentally ill brother will write some stupid shit that he thinks is funny but nobody else will appreciate, so I may delete it. I never have a problem but as I said, these occasions are few and far between.

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Interesting. Have you experimented?

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I’m not sure. I think maybe, because I know you can also hide things rather than delete them. I imagine it may be because the thing was shared with someone else who did something with it that means FB is keeping it for them, in which case you might only be able to hide it, but I don’t know. It could also be a technical problem which might go away (you could try later), or(/and) it could be an evil FB conspiracy, since basically FB is an evil conspiracy. ;-)

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