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SEGA Dreamcast 2 - Would you consider it today?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) July 24th, 2008 from iPhone

Rumors, rumors. Speculation continues to develop concerning the long-rumored SEGA Dreamcast 2: A system that exclusively sells games over the Internet to players. This would allow the console to retail new, big budget games at $29.99 – Less than half of the MSRP of other leading High Def gaming systems. It would support many retro Sega titles (arcade and home originals alike), as well as new indie-developed titles, all to be streamed online or quickly loaded from hard drives instead of slower, more expensive formats.

Would the appeal of such a console be enough to make a splash in the current console race? Historically, only 3 systems have been able to reasonably compete against each other per generation… So who do you think SEGA’s sales figures could eclipse? The historic, runaway success of the Wii? The firmly established and featured Xbox 360? Or the PS3… who’s best selling point and strategy has been “it plays movies”?

Let the blood flow. Sonic sucks, by the way… But I wouldn’t mind a sequel to REZ, Ecco, or House of the Dead and Virtua Cop.

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man I would love a dreamcast 2. I had all the sega consoles. Well except cd. I would for sure pick it up. Well if they had good games and a decent controller.

Bring it on Sega!

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I also think it would need to be a media device as well. It seems as though xbox and ps are turning into media centers
so that would be required.

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Apple TV’s a pretty strong media device that pretty much uses the technology described… and to keep the DC2’s specs for gaming and not half-assed web browsing and youtube fun would create a HD gaming machine with a slim profile and price point below $300.

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too much competition.
They should just align themselves with one of the top dogs for creating games

Unless they can come with another original idea because all consoles currently have the ability to download games and classics.

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…that’s pretty much SEGA’s current role for about 8 years or so.

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In my opinion the first Dreamcast sucked so bad I couldn’t see myself getting excited over another one.

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Then again, maybe if they call it something else I’ll be more interested.

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I’m sticking to games on computer.

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To Dragon: You don’t like it because it’s CALLED Dreamcast 2? There’s a Playstation 3 and something abbreviated X360… as if it were a Terminator or something.

I used to own something called a Wonderswan, and I thought it was pretty metal.

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No, what I meant is that I didn’t like the first dreamcast therefore a second one doesn’t appeal to me. When I said I’d be more interested what I meant was that the name Dreamcast holds a negative view for me and I might be interested if it wasn’t a dreamcast sequel. It’s like bringing out a new car and calling it a Pinto, I’m not going to get excited because the original Pinto wasn’t that great.

I should have explained that better.

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Well, if this is hypothetical question, then the “DC2” would have to somehow trump Nintendo’s SDK price and features. It would have to run HD and be a “media center”... all for under 300$? That seems probable, as long as the system was very large, or very unstable. You also have to consider the hardware. If it wasn’t running at least the equivalent of the X360, then it would sink and die. The interface is also important. The human I\O would have to compete with the Wiimote and the PS3 controller. All of these facts would; A) Crush the RD of the system, B) Raise the release price to 300$+, C) Have an insane SDK price and system.

But all of this is moot, seeing as SEGA is just a title company now, with nothing more then a department of lawyers and marketers. SEGA technically doesn’t make games anymore, they sell their ideas to other developers, who sell them to Son\Microsoft\Nintendo. They’re like Atari.

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id get it if they came out with marvel versus capcom 3

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Id buy it in a heartbeat. I still play with my dreamcast ^_^. Gotta love how easy it is to pirate games for it, no mod chip needed or anything. And lovelocke REZ was horrible. I spent days trying to find a torrent for that game. Wasted time. So boring. Ikaruga is way better. BTW sonic is awesome.

Ever play Pop n music?

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@uberbatman I was wondering this last night, does Sega still own Sonic? I know that Nintendo has been putting out Sonic games since the Gamecube.

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@dragonflyfaith yea they do. Sega just makes games for all platforms now they dont have a current console out.

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I would love to see a Power Stone 3!

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