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What is the best thing in your grocery cart, buggy, carrier, or wagon?

Asked by msh (4262points) December 30th, 2015 from iPhone

Ah, gathering foodstuffs at the grocery. What fun. Breakfast Tuesday, dinner on Thursday, bread, fruit, chocolate, eggs, paper towels, coffee, more chocolate…
You get the idea.
You have some money left over! Frivolous, marvelous, extra greenage!
Yea! You have to choose something for you to savor. Selfish? Perhaps. Tough, you get to pick the treat!
What are you going to get as a special treat to put in the cart?
You usually don’t buy this. It’s soooo good.
You start out walking. Weaving and dodging down the shopping aisles picking up speed..until you get to pick it up to put it in with the mundane foodstuffs!
What did you chose? What is the best item in your cart?????

I, personally, am at the olive bar. Samples of olives from around the world. All flavors and varieties. I’m getting three or four from each jar- all types, lotsa jars. I will have to run to the checkout before I start to drool all over the containers!

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Double chocolate muffins. They pull me in like a black hole!

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Hands-down, Oreos ‘Double-Stuf’ cookies. And now they offer ‘Mega-Stuf’ (which I haven’t yet tried….maybe I’ll buy them in celebration when Trump is finally impeached…)

Anyway, what a country…..God Bless America.

P.S. I’ve always liked the word ‘foodstuffs’ (no particular reason, but there it is….)

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