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How does Honda's hybrid engine work?

Asked by sierrarancher (20points) July 24th, 2008

I believe I understand the Prius technology, i.e. the combustion engine works until the batteries can take over, and then the batteries supply the power until they are exhausted. I believe the Honda hybrid technology for my 2007 Civic is different. I believe that the batteries somehow ‘assist’ the combustion engine, even when the combustion engine is working. If so, how is that possible? Thanks.

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Now I’m not really sure but according to my nephew it charges the battery when ever you use the brakes. Or something like that.

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yeah, I heard that. I think it’s just something simply to do with the kinetic energy on the brakes, obviously from the wheels, creates heat energy. I mean I guess you could see it as the same way you can light a light on a bike, in that you pedal… I dunno! lol

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Learn to love Wikipedia. There’s even a brief comparison of the two.

While regenerative braking is commonly employed these days on hybrid electronic vehicles, it’s not the sole source of energy to charge the batteries on any model.

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