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What's your reaction to Carrie Fisher taking heat for her personal, physical appearance as Gen. Leia Organa in Star Wars, the Force?

Asked by ibstubro (18730points) December 30th, 2015

If a woman matures and make a success of herself later in life, should she still try to be ‘hot’?

I thought Fisher’s response was even a little too defensive:
“My body is my brain bag, it hauls me around to those places & in front of faces where theres something to say or see.”

What’s with all the blatant misogamy against mature women all of a sudden?

Angela Merkel was Time Magazine’s person of the year and certainly the embodiment of a strong, mature, female leader.

The future isn’t supposed to be portrayed realistically?

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Typical double standard. No one is busting Harrison Ford’s chops about his looks or Mark Hamill’s.

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Amy Schumer had a great skit about this phenomenon.

It’s NSFW for language and audio content, nothing visual.

It’s called The Last Fuckable Day


Regarding Carrie Fisher: I think she’s a beautiful woman. She has been to hell and back with depression, bipolar disorder, addictions, etc. and is still here talking to us. For that alone, she’s my hero.

Also, Star Wars is “a long, long time ago”... not the future. You might be thinking of Star Trek, where 45 year old ship captains can be short and bald because in the future they don’t need to use the genetic technology they have to artificially grow hair and bones because they’ve moved past such vanity.

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It’s always been there. The jibes against old people have always been there. The young people think it’s funny.

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@ibstubro – good question!
Excuse me- Angela Merkel? Seriously?
Wow. Her? Wait a minute! You got your hands on the Russian Version of Time Magazine! She’s ‘swell’ there! Wow! You frightened me there for a moment! The US version has a Kardashian on the WotYear cover- right? Right? Please say ‘ours’ was a Kardashian….

@marinelife- true, that. So much character on their mugs! Surgically-enhanced mugs.

@Seek- the YouTube made me have my Geritol come out my nose! (It makes old-feel better!) I didn’t get a ride in any boat- I got gypped ! And a second here, on the Carrie Fisher vote. Hey- Jabba the Hut (sp?) didn’t have a bikini on in his scenes. He never aged well either.

@Dutchess_III – they’ll stop laughing when they hit 22 years also! Wait, What?
Now they’re ‘old’ at 21? Those poor has-been tykes! Tsk, such a pity. ;)

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I like that Carrie Fisher said “blow me” to the ankle biters*.

* No offense to Gary Fisher

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Carrie Fischer is awesome. All the women in that family have amazing senses of humor, and I find them all interesting to listening to when they talk about their philosophies about life. Anyone criticizing her can take a flying leap. They better be under 40 so we can give them the “young” pass. Being overly critical of people as they age is like spitting in the wind; it might hit you back in the face.

I like when women allow themselves to age in a reasonably natural fashion. As far as being “hot” I don’t care if the person is 18 or 60, no one is obligated to look hot. She’s right, our body is what takes our brain around. When I was younger I never understood what people meant by soul, but now I know that when I meet someone it is their soul, their brain, that I spend time with, not their $500 Versace blouse, or their $20 pair of shoes.

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