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Why has my Android phone stopped updating apps?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32719points) December 30th, 2015

My Samsung Galaxy S5 running Lollipop 5.0 has not updated any apps for about 5 days. There are always a few updates daily, so this is not due to a dearth of updates.

I have been to as many helpful sites as I can find in the last 24 hours. I have followed countless suggestions.

I have cleared the cache in the Play Store app. I have uninstalled the updates to the Play Store app. I have done the same thing for some other apps, but I forget exactly which ones. I even uninstalled my account and restarted my phone then reinstalled my account and restarted the phone. Nothing has changed.

After one such uninstall/reinstall, my Google Play Library reinstalled my books, so something is working correctly.

However, when I open the Play Store app and go to My Apps, as with the past 5 or so days, there are no updates to install.

Can you help me?

My next step is to try going in to the AT&T store to see if they can help.

Edit to add: I have now removed the battery, and I’m waiting 5 minutes to put it back in. I will leave a comment as to whether or not this has any effect.

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I haven’t had any updates to my iPhone since Sunday. It is a time of year when things are kept stable and not a lot of changes installed. Partly because companies are lightly staffed, and don’t want to introduce a bug when they don’t have staff to cover.

Also, because people are bringing phones and tablets on line that were received as gifts, it reduces confusion as people are activating the latest versions of software.

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@all Removing the battery had no effect.

@zenvelo Thank you. That thought occurred to me, but there always seem to be updates. I will see if there are more ideas in this thread, and then I will wait until next week to take it to the store.

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If you can reach the Play Store, I would guess it’s correct and there are simply no updates.

@zenvelo Interesting point, business productivity and activity does go way down during the holidays.

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Hey – my son who works for Google is on vacation for two weeks! What do you want from him?

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@janbb Amazing! Ask him if it’s possible there are no updates for any of my plethora of apps.

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He’s too busy relaxing for me to disturb him but if I do talk to him, I will.

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I just remembered I have a phone that’s been off for about a week.

I powered it up. The available updates are:
ES File Explorer
Weather Underground
BubbleUPnP for DLNA Chromecast

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Updates are written by human programmers.
Most humans have families and/or other loved ones.
Most humans like to spend time with said family/loved ones during the holidays.
Christmas just passed, and New Years is rapidly approaching.

Therefore, far fewer updates will be written this time of year.

I haven’t had many in the last week or so myself. Considering I have ~250 apps on my phone, that’s saying something.

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@jerv Thank you. You haven’t had “many.” I haven’t had any. I’m just stunned there would be none. I do not have a tremendously large number of apps, but to have no updates in 5 days seems remarkable.

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@jerv Might be right. I was going to ask if you accidentally turned off automatic updates, but when you said you went to the Playstore and there still weren’t any updates, my only idea went out the window.

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@DrasticDreamer I checked to make sure automatic updates is still turned on. I thought it might have been switched off, but it’s fine.

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