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How do you sign your electronic signature?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46938points) December 30th, 2015

One of my pet peeves is people who sign for minor transactions, like at a grocery store where they bought 2 tomatoes, as slowly and carefully as if they were signing their life away on a house mortgage or something.

My signature has been V~~~~~~~~~~~~~ for the longest time.

In the last month it’s just turned into ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Today I thought, what the hell, and I signed with a happy face.
* Signature accepted. *

In the future I think I’ll sign with “LOL!” and “WTH?!” and cat pictures.

I don’t even know why they bother to have us sign anything.

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I have always signed with a scribble followed by a smiley face. Sometimes I can get the cashier to laugh or smile when their system shows the sig.

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I always actually sign it.

I don’t know if the bank gets a copy, bit if they every do I want there to be a long, established record of my consistently using my actual signature to use in my defense, should anyone steal my card and attempt to use a scribble to sign when buying things.

The last time my card was compromised it took ages to get the back to find in my favor because my card was used in New York, and I was born there.

I haven’t been in that state in almost 20 years, much less that morning.

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Would it accept titties, I wonder @jaytkay?

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Wow… some serious typos in my above post. Sorry, everyone.

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I UNFRIEND you, @Seek.

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please define “electronic signature”

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I think what she actually means is the digital signature pad they use at the grocery store.

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I always pay cash.

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In fact, I get extremely agitated when someone in front of me pays with a card.
It takes longer than handing the cashier the money and returning the change.

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And I get upset when the person in front of me pays with cash but not the exact amount so they need to get change. It takes sooo long!

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And the person running the cash register has to have the register tell her what the change is for a $4.99 purchase, and the customer gives her a $5.

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And the person paying cash is apparently surprised when the cashier gives the total, and only THEN pulls out a wallet and starts looking for money.

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At the supermarket? First initial last name, and the last name is not really spelled out fully.

For legal documents it’s my typical legal signature: first name, middle initial, last name.

Having worked in retail for years, we all dreaded when people paid with a check. Credit card and cash are the best, and the quickest. I think credit card is usually faster than cash, but it’s close.

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@JLeslie I think it’s so odd that some people sign the pad at the super market very slowly and carefully, as though they’re signing their life away on a house mortgage. Why do they do that?

When it comes to legal documents I sign my first name, middle initial, and last name. I write clearly.

My son actually prints his name on legal documents! He just never took to cursive, I guess. It’s all the same, any way.

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^^My experience is more men than women print. Usually, not their signature though. I don’t think it matters too much as long as your signature is consistent. Print is probably easier to forge, so maybe that’s why cursive has been the mainstay for signature.

I have no idea why people sign slowly at the market. I guess they think it matters. The signature only matters if you are going to dispute a charge. Otherwise, you don’t need to have the document signed at all. Some people don’t realize that. It doesn’t need to be signed to process it.

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