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Your thoughts on fat people..?

Asked by MooCows (3216points) December 30th, 2015

I think fat people are gross….
Anyone else feel that way too
and afraid to say it?
I would be embarrassed for anyone
to see me fat.

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Fat people don’t gross me out but skinny fat people do.~

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I think judgmental people are gross….
Anyone else feel that way too
and afraid to say it?
I would be embarrassed for anyone
to see me judgmental.

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In your (very sweet) post about Easy Bake Oven, you mention that you were a chubby little girl. Is there any link between your childhood issues and your current aversion to overweight people?

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Maybe my parents instilled in me that I WAS a chubby girl as
I never got to eat what my brother ate…he was tall and skinny.
I remember one time I stole a pop tart and got caught eating
it outside and was punished for it. I am 20 pounds over weight
of my high school weight and am having problems dealing with
that but I don’t consider 20 pounds as “fat”. I have never been
anorexic or a binge eater just have more respect for a person who
doesn’t let themselves become fat.

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@MooCows If you’re 20 pounds over your ideal goal weight, then you’re certainly not “fat.” Not in the least.

Parents, and other adults, can do so much damage to a child’s self-confidence and sense of worth. Early fat-shaming often scars a person for life. It’s sad that your parents raised you with a “chubby-chubby-chubby” mantra.

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@MooCows There are many reasons for people being overweight and being judgmental is far worse than being overweight. People can lose weight much easier than they can change a crappy personality trait like being judgmental. I am much more critical of judgmental people than I am overweight people.

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As far as I’m concerned, it’s not fat. It’s flavor.

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I don’t like anybody. Fat people included. And I’m getting there! But seriously, if a person is more than 10% overweight, they are considered obese. (Go ahead and be judgmental. Everybody is anyway, aren’t they??)

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To some people, 20 lbs overweight is fat. It’s all relative.

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This isn’t a question. Go back to where you came from bottom feeder.

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I find this question ironic, considering it came from someone using the moniker MooCows.
I think it is not the fatness of people which grosses you out. I think it is seeing people live and survive something your parents worked hard to keep from you.
I applaud them that they cared about your health and appearance, but it seems they went about it in an overboard fashion and left you with some personal hurdles to face.
Nobody wants to be overweight, but the battle is different for everyone. The ones who can’t slim down, and those who do but rebound have to find a happy place where they can accept themselves and be okay with who they are.
Try to embrace the fat persons for the brave way they face each day. Try to accept that they aren’t flaunting Pop Tart fat in your face, and that they just are who they are.

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Oh, dear, @MooCows, you must be very young indeed to have such details. Very very few people plan to get fat. Very few fat people are lazy and slovenly.
There’s a really good chance that someday, simply because of circumstances, you may weigh more than you currently find attractive. You might want to learn about character before that happens.

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Well, there’s a lot to it or different perspectives.
On the one hand it is hard for me to really respect fat people on a subconscious level because they have no control over themselves.
On the other hand I am convinced it is not my business what they look like.
And in fact: I do not know their story. So why should I judge them on a conscious level?

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