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How can I relocate my iTunes library to an external hard drive?

Asked by monsoon (2510points) July 24th, 2008

I have a MacBook. I want to have song downloaded to and played from my external hard drive. When I just drag the library to the hard drive, it only makes a copy. I want it actually located there.

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I did this very thing recently. You’ll pretty much drag and drop your music to a folder on the new drive, delete all songs currently indexed in iTunes, then choose “add folder”, pointing to the new source. This way, you don’t duplicate every song listing as well…


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@Rob, thanks for that link, where did you find that? I pride myself in being a pretty good googler, but that’s one thing I didn’t even think to look for myself. Thanks.

@lovelocke, Yeah, pretty much what I ended up doing, except that Itunes has a way in itself to do what you did manually. What that link said. Thanks though.

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Sounds like you’ve got it done already, but here’s a link to another how-to article . I just used it to help a friend move her library, and the instructions were pretty straightforward and easy to follow…

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I didn’t check those instructions but the quickest way it to go to preferences, choose your external drive as iTunes location. Then go to advanced and choose consolidate library. It will move everything to the external.

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