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Wishing all the jellies and their beloved people a smooth and peaceful new year! May I wish all the very best?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) December 31st, 2015

2016 kgs of luck and happiness.i

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To you also @ZEPHYRA and to all jellies !

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Happy New Year my jelly friends

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Happy New Year everyone!

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Good health to all for the New Year.

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Hope we and the world have a peaceful and healthy New Year.

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Happy New Year to the pod here. Yes, here’s hoping 2016 delivers it’s custom blend of whatever it is we all wish for.

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Happy new year. The new year is always a great opportunity to learn from others. My mom taught me how to make French Bread when she visited for Christmas. Our Christmas French Bread Toast was a HIT.

My intent isn’t to be somber. But learn from the oldies. Have your mom teach you to make bread, have your grandpa tell you about WW2. Don’t let the knowledge die if they do.

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Happy New Year everyone!

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Best to all for the new year! May we all have a productive and positive year.

@johnpowell: Good advice. I wish I learned some of my grandmother’s recipes when she was around to teach me. She tried to teach me, but I was young and didn’t pay attention.

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May all our jelly friends be healthy and happy!

May we all meet meet here here in a year, full of good cheer.

(Hugs, ZEPHYRA.)

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New year wishes? We have staff for that.

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