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Would you consider having a "relationship" with a "Real Doll?"?

Asked by gimmedat (3946points) July 24th, 2008

So last night on BBC America there was a documentary about men who develop emotional and physical relationships with the product Real Doll. The dolls weigh about 100 pounds, and are crafted according to the owner’s desires. You can check them out on (graphic images). The men who took part in the documentary said that they would rather be in a relationship with this Real Doll than not have a relationship at all. They viewed these relationships as a suitable alternative to a relationship with an organic woman. What do you think?

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removed by meself

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That’s ridiculous…they’re fake!
Having a fake relationship is more pitiful than not having one at all.

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I would never…. but I guess some people would consider this…

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u gotte be kidding me… (u need the drama of a real girl, a real life)

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I promise, I am not kidding you. I find it totally creepy myself, but there were four or five Real Doll lovin’ men who shared their day-to-day life with BBC America.

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to me the dolls are really creepy looking, and not all all realistic, but i have a feeling that even if they were…just no.

okay, so i saw this law and order one time and a guy who kidnapped this woman, and then drugged her so she was mostly asleep all the time, and in his mind he had a relationship with her and like “took care of her” and stuff. obviously that was a tv show, but i feel like if there are people like that in the world, i would rather them get a doll than kidnap someone? oh my.

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That is to a real relationship as Fluther is to a real friendship. It’s just not the same. Too one-dimensional.

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I’m biting my tongue as there are a few people on here I think the dolls should be recommended to…

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Maybe it’s not mainstream or even normal, but I guess if you been rejected/hurt/burned/dumped too many times, maybe that’s what’s right for them. If they’re happy, let it be.

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at least with fluther someone talks back!

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Dang, did you see the prices on those? Wow!

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With Fluther, everyone talks back or backtalks. And is there such a thing as a non-organic woman?

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Can I watch this documentary On Demand? Where is it available?

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I have no idea if you can watch the documentary On Demand, but if you can, do it!
@gail – I am carrying on the differentiation that the men in the documentary made clear when I refer to an “organic” woman. I thought it was a touch odd myself, but that’s how these men described it. They really consider their dolls as women, hence the need to refer to the rest of us as “organic” women.

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@gimme; (give me strength)

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If I were to ever be courted by a man with a doll interest, I would need more than strength!

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Well, at least a doll doesn’t argue, doesn’t need to eat, would never wear out a pair of shoes, and doesn’t come with any baggage (except for maybe a carrying case?). That doesn’t make it any less creepy though does it?

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—This question reminds me of this recent movie where the protagonist had a relationship with a “real doll”.—

As for answering the actual Q – no, i would not consider having any sort of relationship with a nonliving object….....besides my laptop…and car shit

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@PnL Oh can I related…

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