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Rats deserting a sinking ship? Three of Ben Carson's top campaign people bail on him.

Asked by elbanditoroso (30003points) January 1st, 2016

What do they know that we don’t?

That the guy has already flamed out and has nowhere to go but down…?

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My hunch is he was never a serious candidate. At his peak he did take a break to go on a book tour. Best part is my bet with someone here is 50% closer to me willing.

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Yeah – I think that ship has sunk. Now they just have to dump Trump, send Cruz on a cruise, Mario to Hollywood…......

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The reports O read were that Carson had called a meeting at 10:30 am 12–31 to fire them, and they quit in advance.

He and his talk-show guru want to re-take the campaign reins.

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@ibstubro – I hadn’t seen that. But it’s believable.

This is how it starts (or ends…) drip drip drip…

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Like Palin, Caine, etc., another embarrassing joke falls off the scope in the land of short term memory syndrome.

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It is very telling that Carson’s “business manager”, the grifter Armstrong Williams, is the prominent guy on staff. Not a campaign manager, a business manager.

The “campaign” is a promotion for Carson’s books and future career as a FOX News pundit and “nutrition” supplement shill.

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This was the article I referenced above. Unfortunately not only has it been edited, the content and information have been changed.
Armstrong Williams was the talk-show guru I mentioned above.

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