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Are police trained to handle police officers who break the law?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17704points) January 1st, 2016

Are some officers trained to take down corrupt police officers in hand to hand contact?

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You mean hand to hand combat?
Why, an sure they are trained to be able to defend themselves but doesn’t matter who the other person is if they are a better fighter they will win, good guy,bad guy, cop, or soldier .

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The culture between cops and gang members is not really that different. You don’t narc.

So your premise is flawed since it would never come to that.

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That training involves looking the other way or participating in the corruption.

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There’s a secret squad of ninja police. If they suspect an officer of being dirty they challenge that officer to mortal combat. The survivor is presumed to be in the right.

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Nope, if anything, their training is to let a corrupt cop off unless it makes the papers and embarrasses the brass.

A significant part of training is being partnered with a veteran. That is when you learn how to let minor stuff like jaywalking go by, so that people aren’t constantly hassled by the police. (Unless the perp is black, then you learn every minor offense so that you are okay to stop them.) And that is when you learn the Blue Code.

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Cops are also human beings, so they don’t want to spend a lot of time hassling people for minor things when they need time to do things like have coffee or lunch. In the city I work in, there will be cops standing outside doing traffic stops in warm weather, but not hot weather or cold weather.

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One of my good friends has been a sheriff deputy, then switched to k9 patrol, then to city police. His career spans 30 years. He showed up to work drunk the other day and his coworkers were forced to arrest him for a DUI. I cannot imagine how conflicted they must have felt, but it had to be done.

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