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Who would like to join in with me in giving Marinelife a heartfelt congratulations for hitting 60k?

Asked by chyna (44888points) January 2nd, 2016

Not only did Marinelife hit 60k, it is also her birthday! Congratulations!

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Oh my dear! How exciting!

Will all those things prophesized now come true?

One of the wisest, fairest, and most consistent of Jellies has hit 60K! Fluther lives!

“O frabjous day! Calloo Callay!” She chortled in her joy.

(And Mazel Tov, marinelife!)

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Woot, woot!
60,000 is crazy amazing! I hope her birthday is just as one-of-a kind.

Fluther lives!

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Wow! Congratulations!

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Congratulation! Oh God she has given birth to a whole new Fluther award!

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Given we’re in the tidepool and your name, this seems appropriate. Happy Birthday to you, and congratulations on 60K worth of fantastic answers and questions here.

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A double WOW, @Marinelife. Congratulations! To me (only 6K as of now), 60K is way up there in the stratosphere!!

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Wow. I can’t believe it! Not even Bendrew has (have?) made an award for such an accomplishment. I’m just being obvious when I say that you’re a valued and respected member of Fluther. They’ve finished the attic of the mansion. It’s now a stylish loft just for you. Congratulations to the 60th power!
And it’s your birthday. What a day for you! Thanks again for all of your involvement with Fluther.

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A wonderful thing !

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A new year
A new achievement
A new mansion floor
A very happy birthday

What a view from up there…... well done!

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Congratulations on 60k. The award for 60k is not listed.

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60k? Awe inspiring! AND it’s your birthday? What more could you wish for?!!!?!!!?!!!

Congrats on the incredible 60k and Happy Birthday!

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Wow…60,000 leagues under the fluther sea. This calls for oxygen tanks and a decompression chamber. Once you have safely surfaced we’ll strip off your wet suit and uncork some bubbly.
Cheers our marine matey!

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I gawk in disbelief at the impossible achievement. It’s a monumental accomplishment. Whatever mansion one occupies at that altitude must be a lonely place indeed. Congratulations!

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I think a seafood buffet is in order for the birthday mansion party as well. We will prepare coconut oil fried shrimp for @Marinelife!

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We joined Fluther about a month apart, coming up on 8 years ago (!!!) I wish I knew how to rig the Community Feed to recognize your lurve milestone, but you seem to have exceeded the grandest expectations of the Ancient Ones.

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@thorninmud Do you think the Ancient One(s) could be contacted to set something up if they have the time? It is quite a milestone!

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This is amazing! @marinelife, you’re the coolest, wisest jelly ever and it’s a privilege to know you. Congratulations on a very well-deserved 60k.

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Holy shit! 60K?! Bendrew need to pop in and make a 60K award.

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@Dutchess_III We need to build a 60k floor for Fluther mansion too.

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I adore Marinelife. I’d make rum balls for the party but Jon drank all of our rum!

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A belated, but hearty, congratulations!

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Wow! Congratulations!

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Wow. That is truly impressive.

And how fortunate that it coincides with your birthday.

What a day for celebration.

Happy Birrhday and congrats on 60K !

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Zero to 60!! @Marinlife, you’re on fire! Congrats. And belated Happy Birthday.

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Ahhh @marinelife. Thank you for being here! You were one of the first people to “talk” with me when I first joined. I was worried about prostate cancer, surgery, side effects, recovery and my future prostateless life. It was important to get another perspective from someone totally anonymous and removed from the situation and you did just that. Thank you!

Congrats on the well deserved 60k! You have helped more people than you can imagine!

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Eeeeeeek, I left off the E in @Marinelife!

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Did you see a mouse, @Pachy ?

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No—i just wanted to to E mphasize that I had left out an E. ;-)

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Where the hell is that girl??

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Well done Marinelife
Oh, well done Marinelife
Oh, well done Marinelife
Oh, well done Marinelife

Well done Marinelife
Oh, well done Marinelife
Oh, well done Marinelife
And some other Fluther shiiiit . . .

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That is quite an achievement! Thanks for being such an integral part of our collective!

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Holy cow lady, well done! That is quite an impressive amount of lurve. You, of course, deserve every bit of it.

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60Kongratulations @Marinelife A record breaking achievement. Fandabbiedozy

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Happy Birthday to @Marinelife, a lovely person and a true Fluther gem.

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Amazing—“Marinelife” is a highly appropriate name for one who has swum among the jellies so long and so well to have achieved this remarkable number. Congratulations. May you float long and prosper.

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Wow! Congratulations woman! You were my first Fluther idol. <3

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^I was her second. ~

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Amazing work! I’m not letting you inhabit the dusty loft of the Mansion though. Instead I’ve built you an observatory complete with telescope and retractable roof.

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Thanks to all my jelly good fellows!

It has been a long road since April 2008 when I joined. I was going through difficulties at the time dealing with my aging mother. One of the first to offer her comfort and wise counsel was my soon-to-become good friend @gailcalled. Now, we have lost her and that is a tremendous change. But, as we all saw, on her final illness and memorial threads, she left a lasting impression on all our lives.

That is what, in some small measure, I would like to do on Fluther. Give some help or comfort to my fellow travelers as you have all given me, provide a new bit of knowledge as I have gleaned so many from this site. It is why I have stuck with it through thick and thin, waves of migrations (and all the accompanying growing pains) from other Q&A sites, stretches of great inanity or boredom in the questions, trolls and troublemakers, but spots of brightness, richness and connection that I find unmatched anywhere else on the Web or even in real life.

Thank you all for what you bring to me and to this site. Now, let’s party! As we do so well!

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Congrats on the 60K milestone @marinelife…quite the achievement and all when racking up points is at a sea slug’s pace these days.

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Holy mother of Pete!! How the heck did I miss this?! I’m so sorry @marinelife.

Congratulations to you, you wonderful lady. Love and lurve to you.

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Me, too. I noticed in a thread and I had to look for your party.

You, like Gail and Jeruba, are the heart and mind of this website. Who woulda thunk flutter would get to this point? I think congrats is less than adequate…you are the queen of the Jellies. You should get your own monument.

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^^ For what it is worth, I think of you more as the kidney of this site, removing impurities and trying to prevent toxic buildup ^^

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@rojo Aww…thanks. That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

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Sorry I am late! Congo rats to a wonderful contributor, and a terrific person!

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you are so late @filmfann. you are now the pinky toe of Fluther,

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Hey, @YARNLADY , nice to see you!

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A much belated congratulations, marinelife!

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