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If you were a restaurant server, which would you prefer - a monetary tip or a religious tract?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28840points) January 3rd, 2016

This stunt seems mean-spirited and just plain nasty to the server.

And the poor guy got no tip at all.

Why do bible-pushers figure that they’re immune from acting like normal members of society?

I feel for the poor kid. And the shame on the religious schmuck who stiffed him.

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Clearly not a question.

But anyway, I worked in restaurants for 8 years in an area known for conservative religious types. I saw religious tract “tips” twice.

Not cool, but you will sometimes see awful behavior when you deal with the public. Guaranteed.

On the plus side, I still have great stories to tell from those days.

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While it is a nasty trick, to be sure, especially the bait-and-switch aspect of the thing, it’s something that servers have to learn to deal with. There will always be assholes of one kind or another. This one is just a religious asshole, but there are others who run out on the check entirely – leaving the server to pay the bill – and others who trash the place for various spiteful reasons – usually involving some kind of misplaced anger.

However, there is another side to this. The server might find a measure of satisfaction if he reports this incident to the Secret Service. Seriously. They take counterfeiting of US currency very seriously, and photocopying currency to look real is something that they will spend inordinate amounts of resources upon to track down and prosecute the particular asshole/s pulling this stunt.

This may help to illustrate the point.

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You obviously know the answer to this.
There are so many assholes that cheat a server out of a tip and you want to talk about a person that left a religious tract instead of a tip?

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Immune from acting like regular members of society? They can act like cheating, stealing, lying, backstabbing, murdering, fornicators and adulterers just as regular society if they so choose to.

Now, would I rather have a religious tract or a monetary tip? That is a no-brainer, I am working there to gain currency, if I wanted to get my wretched soul saved I would go to a place of worship.

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Money to supplement my income. If I want your particular brand of religion, I will come find you.

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I was left a religious tract with a rolled joint tucked inside once. I didn’t have use for either one, but if that’s all they had I guess it was a nice gesture.

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