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Would you characterize the '90's TV show Baywatch as "beloved"?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) January 4th, 2016

Is be-lusted perhaps more appropriate?

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no, it was shit

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Be-gone is about all that can be said positive about it.

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I dunno. Chandler and Joey watching the show in their Laz-I-Boys for the slow-motion running scenes was funny to watch them watch. Other than those two… Uhm, no.

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Never watched it.

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Well, I’m glad that it wasn’t only me that thought “beloved” was a bit of a stretch.

Although, like @Earthbound_Misfit, I never really watched the show, I saw parts and know the plot or lack thereof.
“Shit” and ”“crass” are terms I would likely use @ragingloli & @ucme.

But, it’s baaaaaack, @zenvelo. Maybe Kelly Rohrbach can release a little home porn as a teaser (so to speak).

“Friends” probably qualifies as “beloved”, @msh.

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It pandered. It was a tease show. People in running around tight bathing suits. But never, ever a hint of real skin.

Utter waste of time.

It was beloved in the same sense that syphilis is beloved.

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“Be-lusted” is WAY more accurate!

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No more “crass” or “shit” as the original 1970’s version of Charlie’s Jiggles Angels!

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