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Which country was on the news today as people wanting Trump banned from entering their country?

Asked by flo (13313points) January 5th, 2016

All I can find by searching is him wanting to ban Moslims.

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Over a half million signatures from the people England on a petition.

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Will the ban be rescinded after his election?

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@stanleybmanly I think it will be until there are “snowballs in hell”, the British have a dislike and distaste for the GENTLEMAN.

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I can’t wait til he starts commenting on the Queen’s looks.

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All of them??

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By the time this whole campaign season is ¾ finished your answer (given in half jest) well might be more prophetic than you realize :)

If he keeps running off at the mouth finding a new group to hurl insults at daily, pretty soon there may be nobody willing to tolerate his presence :)

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From my link above “Any conclusion [on the petition] reached by the lawmakers will not be binding.”

“The British government has indicated that it would not refuse Trump entry, despite the apparent popularity of the sentiment. ”

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@Tropical_Willie You can make that 500,002 signatures. Being from Chicago I know how to vote and vote often! lol

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Last I heard, the count was 560,000 to ban, 40,000 not to ban.
That was the question.
I was just wondering aloud if I would be allowed to vote to ban Trump from the UK.

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@ibstubro When I voted (twice) the count was up to 570,285

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Can US citizens vote, @Cruiser?


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@ibstubro Anyone can vote! Just follow the link above, give them a valid email and a UK postal code and press vote. Took about 6 hours to get an email confirmation.

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@ibstubro Sorry, the link was buried in the link to the reference article you gave. Here is the petition link

Vote early and vote often.

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