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What unique items are in your bug - out bag?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13220points) January 5th, 2016

Do you have any unusual items?

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Barley and hops.

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What is a bug-out bag?

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@elbanditoroso A bag that many americans have, pre-packed for survival in case of emergency apocalypse.

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I don’t keep a pre-packed bug out bag, but I could have one put together in about ten minutes.

If we’re considering the whole car as the bug-out equipment, mine would definitely include a pioneer-style canvas tent with wooden poles and a fun painted design. I use it for re-enacting trips, and it’s durable and waterproof.

Honestly, my bug out bag would look a lot like my D&D supply pack. Things to make fire happen, basic rations, things to cook basic rations and found food, etc. And tools.

And also my important documents and my external hard drive, because reasons.

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A tarp, a small tent. 2 propane tanks with a screw on burner. Fire starter kit, including small mirror. First aid kit, which is pretty set up for moderate interventions, fishing line/hooks. Rope and wire. A couple of maps. A “lifestraw“, water purification tablets and two empty large folding bota bags. A leatherman tool and a survival knife. Two pair of wool socks, gloves, a beanie and a capaline longjohn set in a small dry bag. Sunglasses and sunscreen/Chapstick. Two large safety orange leaf bags. Two headlamps with extra (rechargeable) batteries. Battery operated LED wire. A small iPod dock/speaker. DEET spray and mosquito net (makes a nice strainer). A boiling pot, heat resistant cup with lid, and camp utensils. Dehydrated soups. Salt/pepper/lemon and garlic pepper. Duct tape. A couple of shrink wrapped washcloth and towel cubes. A few hotel bars of soap. Photocopies of my passport, ID, insurance, bank info. Sharpie and a small notebook.

There’s other small randoms in the bag. It exists in my garage, a good sized waterproof North Face duffel bag with backpack straps. You never know when Red Dawn will happen. They don’t call it a survival kit for nothing. I also toss it in the car whenever I go camping.

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I’d pack a BOB in my BOB. Battery Operated Boyfriend. A Bob in a Bob. lol
Stress relief when the bomb goes off.

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