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Asked by Triozoo (396points) July 24th, 2008

Macs, Ipods, and Ipod accessories? Since the retirement of Bill Gates and the lacking of success with Windows Vista, would Apple soon take over? Lets hear your opinions :) Windows XP on the other hand was brilliant.

You should try it Mac lovers!

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Hands down

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No. As great as most Apple products are, they still only have about an 6–8% market share of PCs.

The Zune is just an ancillary part of Microsoft’s business, so the popularity of the iPod isn’t a huge threat.

That’s coming from an Apple fanboy.

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Apple has a very long way to go to take over. Windows is completely entrenched as the de facto operating system worldwide. This is also why Windows is slow to innovate. They’ve becoming something of a victim of their own success. There are thousands and thousands of third-party applications and hardware configurations to support, so they can’t change much. Historically, Microsoft just hasn’t been very focused on user interfaces anyway, and these days the interface is really what matters. Nearly every modern computer is far more powerful than the average user needs, so it comes down to the quality of the experience. Apple is making great strides, but it’s probably going to be Google that unseats Microsoft as computing increasingly moves into the cloud and operating systems become irrelevant.

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…this question never made sense. Apple makes PCs, Microsoft does not.

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Apple’s market share never really mattered to me. I’ve used Macs since 1986 and Windows since 3.1 – and every version since on both platforms.

I’ve made my choice based on ease of use, elegance, security, and quality.

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lovelocke, even if Microsoft hasn’t produced PC’s they are the markets top rivals in technology. Most common name etc. It’s not that I’m asking if they would merg but if Apple would become more used or be able to be as ruling as Microsoft.

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Microsoft even owns part of Apple, last I heard. You can run Windows on a MAC. User preference is key… and iPod’s got a huge lead over Zune. PCs are better for games, and so, PCs will not be surplanted for that reason.

Go to Google Video and search for Computer Chronicles. Back then, they were frantic to find a household use for computers in general… over around 25 years or so, it was games and Internet access that made computers must own, and since everything has Internet, games are what’s keeping PCs on top.

Apple PCs are built very well, but they’re locked down. Not a wide spread of graphics cards, drive upgrades, etc to make Apples progressively upgradable… $500 is all it takes to get a full PC that you could upgrade from paycheck to paycheck based on your needs. Apple’s got (for a good setup) about three or four times that investment upfront, plus factory-made upgrades at the start.

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ahh reality-distorted fanboys

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I disagree. Apple doesn’t let Microsoft use any of their products. And also, most games are made for WINDOWS!

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@mirza, Where’s the distorted reality in this thread? I’m being dense and don’t see it. Please elaborate.

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@mirza Great article. Thanks

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What’s the term for people who jump into any thread where people are discussing Apple and accuse anyone and everyone who likes Apple of being some kind of cultist? Where in this thread is anyone being a Mac “fanboy”?

It’s oh so tired and hypocritical. You realize that being zealously anti-Apple is no more reasonable than being zealously pro-Apple, right? Give it a rest.

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Apple has their products implemented into each other better.

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Apple has a certain sheen to their products, unseen by Microsoft’s, for example, iTunes and iPhones and iPods. iTunes is not only a great music organizer/jukebox it is so simple to use and syncing, updating, and restoring your gadgets is just as easy. There are very few leaks in the almost impenetrable ship that is iPod+iTunes.

Now, Macs, are beautifully sculpted pieces of art with an operating system that is unmatched in quality, ease of use, and design. Mind you, I’ve used Windows for so long but after on fateful day of going over to the local FutureShop I’ve been wanting to get a Mac as soon as my XP has closed its curtain shut.

Now Windows Live is a joke. It is a disparate attempt to grab Windows users and put them on their service. I hate the design, I hate the interface, and I hate the amount of ads.

Windows Vista sucks, Zune sucks. The end.

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I believe if apple has any chance at all to make it majorly big, then now is its chance. And as a mac/ipod/iphone user i’m all for it. The simplicity, yet the powerful-ness of it all is the problem i could feel when using windows. Using all these obscure looking programs in windows, where everything is just jammed down randomly made me think, surely there must be a better way. So when i found OS X looks pretty much uniformal and that it has built in guidelines for creating UI’s its pretty much heaven for a perfectionist like me.

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